About Us


Dr. Michael D. Gross began 5-Fold Global Ministries in 2006 after developing and expanding the world mission networks for Harvest Network International and the High Mill Global Church Network. He and the global team alliance of 5-Fold ministers can be trusted to serve with Godly integrity. Upon completion of seminary, Brother Michael has served in full time ministry since 1978. His experience includes 13 years in senior pastorates, 12 years on church and para-church staffs, and over 25 years as a Navy Chaplain. He has designed world mission programs and has conducted apostolic operations in over 30 nations. Also, he has conducted leadership training conferences, evangelistic crusades, and planted churches on five continents.

Our Mission

To provide training and operational assistance worldwide for spiritual leaders and churches in order to successfully plant new living churches in 21st century communities.

5-Fold Global Profile

We use what is called, “Apostolic Training Teams” to conduct leadership training for churches and future leaders. Following the operational examples of Peter and John, Paul and Barnabas, Paul, Silas and Timothy, and Apollos, Aquila and Priscilla, who labored together “turning the world upside down,” our teams unite to do the same thing in the 21st century. How do we do this? Without being legalistic, we employ the principle of twelve with the teamwork and sending guidelines Jesus Himself used to instruct His disciples.

The Apostle Paul consistently planted churches, taught them, strengthened them, visited them, and met with the church leaders. Similarly, Dr. Michael Gross is called to assist churches through 5-Fold Global Ministries. As an itinerant minister, he is available for both short term and long term assignments in covenant with spiritual leaders serious about conducting life changing ministry at home and abroad.

5-Fold Global offers a three volume discipleship series entitled, “What Every Disciple Ought to Know.” This series is currently being used in ten nations to restore a biblically sound and systematic teaching ministry in churches. In addition, we offer a 70- page notebook called, “Firepower: A Training Manual for Spiritual Warfare To Take Cities and Nations for God.” These works are available without cost.

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