Transform Nigeria Report

November 27 – December 09, 2013

Oyigbo, Port Hacourt


But the Lord said to him, "Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel. For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name's sake."

Acts 9:15-16

A young evangelist of Iranian descent with a ministry headquarters in South Africa recently said, "The least expected places is where God is choosing to do His miracles." This is certainly the case when it comes to the nation of Nigeria. Listed as the most corrupt nation of Africa and perhaps the world, the obvious question is, "Can anything good come out of Nigeria?" This rhetorical question requires an answer and God in His wisdom provided it in this strategic 5-Fold Global operation. Although it took a few days for the 4-nation team to assemble due to different arrival times, the Holy Spirit directed the birth of heaven's transformation strategy to begin in Oyigbo, Port Harcourt of Rivers State. This was confirmed throughout the 12 day operation by different key leaders including the traditional king of the land.

King Michael Nwaji (pictured left) is one of over thirty kings in Rivers State alone and is one of the few to be fully surrendered to and following the Lord Jesus Christ. Kings of the land bear great influence and elected officials do nothing in the region without consultation with and approval of the king. Unlike most kings of the land, this king studies the kings of the Bible and fully desires to do what is right and pleasing to God. His Royal Highness openly seeks the wisdom of God, like King Solomon, in all matters. For this reason he has endured much opposition and persecution; however, he boldly declared that God had sent us and instructed us to "leave no stone unturned" in our mission to ignite God's strategy for transformation in the region. The key apostolic and prophetic leaders of the region were used mightily by God to confirm the direction and scope of the operation. In addition to our team of Dr. Michael (Mick) Gross (USA), Dr. George Ogele (Benin), and Bishop James Murunga (Kenya), our beloved 5-Fold partner in Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Isong, not only is a personal confidant and priest of the king, but is surrounded by a growing number of influential spiritual leaders, businessmen, and a new generation of young leaders. Several prominent spiritual leaders were also key to the implementation of transformation initiatives for the region. There was The Venerable Rex Ufomba of St. Marks Anglican Church who is the coordinator of the Christian Association of Nigeria. His name means "the remnant." His access to many ministers throughout the land ensures the spread of the message of transformation. There was Bishop Victalis Ogolato, the leader of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. God had used this man to lead the king of the land to Christ years earlier. There was Bishop Lawson of the Priesthood Pentecostal Mission. He is a highly esteemed spiritual father in the region who has established many satellite churches throughout the land and is fathering many young leaders. There was Dr. Emmanuel Ugchukwu, a highly respected medical doctor and pastor who has established several clinics in the community. This man hosted part of our team in his home and assisted in transporting the team to key locations. There was also young Pastor George from Benin and Pastor Emmanuel of Nigeria who were anointed ambassadors of the next generation of leaders. In addition, Sister Rita, secretary at Bible Centered Life Church, worked tirelessly with others to coordinate all aspects of the operation and the Port Harcourt Transformation Conference.

This operation was also greatly enhanced by the wives (listed below) of the 5-Fold Global Team and the various leaders in Oyigbo. 

These women of God touched many lives and households. A number of them testified and declared the word of God to the people. Others were used by the Lord to host the 5-Fold team in their homes. The spiritual unity and flow with the theme, "Transformation begins with me," was an evident work of God. The Godly example of these women (5-Fold Global wives pictured right with Queen Victoria) ministered hope and encouragement to spiritual leaders, both men and women, to set their house in order. 

The prophecy of scriptures and prophetic utterances regarding the transformation God was bringing to Oyigbo, to Port Harcourt, to Nigeria, to Africa, and to the world, came forth daily with fresh revelation and understanding from the Holy Spirit. The following is an overview of these:
Prophetic Utterances:


NOV 27:
Mick and Sally arrived in Port Harcourt along with Rick Piersee from Kansas who was invited by James Murunga to observe the operation. We were escorted by a police security vehicle to a hotel near Bible Centered Life Church. We learned later that security forces charged $400 USD for this required service. It would be the last escort we would have as we put our trust in God’s protection alone for the remainder of the operation. 

NOV 28-29:  The first two days were devoted to strategic prayer sessions at Bible Centered Life Church with key leaders of the region followed by evening services. On day one around 20 Ephesians 4:11 type leaders joined together for a time of united intercession. Mick presented a few key Scriptures beginning with Isaiah 6:8 that there is a heavenly council over the selection and sending of leaders. This was accompanied with a connected word for Nigeria from Psalm 105:13-15. We began the intercession with encouragement to build an altar of prayer and worship that will break down walls of strife and division and bring spiritual unity stressing from 2 Cor. 5:16 that we no longer look upon each other in the flesh, but in the Spirit. The anointing came upon different leaders and as they prayed forth, all prayed in spiritual agreement. There was significant confession of errors and repentance. Several emphasized humility in their prayers and transformation in one's own heart first and being willing to allow God to change old ways of dong ministry with pastors giving up control and allowing others with callings to be used in the body. There was prayer for the heart of the father to shepherd and go after the sheep and even the goats. We closed with prayer to have the Father's burden for lost souls using Psalm 35:13-14. The leader of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria prophesied: "If you continue to do this, I will give you the land." 

The evening of day one began with Sally sharing a greeting and a brief teaching from Isaiah 12 about God's new calling upon her life. The people responded with great joy in learning that Nigeria was her first mission with her husband in obedience to the new calling. Mick followed using a series of scriptures showing what The Lord had revealed in our preparations for the mission to Nigeria. He used 2 Kings 19:1-6 & Ps. 68:28 to reveal that God had commanded strength to birth His vision for Nigeria. He shared how the Lord confirmed the purpose for the rest of his life in Ps. 71:18 and went to 1 Kings 20 where the evil king Ahab obeyed the Lord on this one thing to muster the young leaders of the provinces to bring God's deliverance. The message closed with encouragement for the church to repent and obey the Lord regarding the next generation. He declared from Psalm 89:3-4 that it is the Davidic generation God is raising up because it is the everlasting seed of the lion of the tribe of Judah. All were encouraged to continue with the ministry of Jesus. Many came to the altar for prayer to be healed.

Day two continued the same foundational pattern, but with much greater intensity. In the morning a group of over 20 leaders again gathered to build an altar of prayer and worship to the Lord. Mick shared the importance of how we approach God in prayer followed by a review of key strategic prayer points relating to personal and city transformation from the prophetic visions of Zechariah and detailed descriptions pertaining to the Davidic generation from 1 Chron. 12. He noted the emphasis on the young man prepared and valiant in battle and in formation with an ability to not break ranks while knowing/understanding what they ought to do. We sustained corporate praying for well over an hour. Humility and a growing spirit of unity was quite evident. There was a special focus on the "heavenly council" revealed the day before from Isaiah 6. Many fell on their faces before God as Samuel led us in crying out to receive heaven's counsel for the city, nation, and world. There was also prayer for the pastors who had left their callings and had gone off to fake healings, pay people in wheel chairs and corrupting the gospel. This prayer was not naming names or pronouncing judgment upon them, but for a transformation, calling them back like some from Saul's army changed their loyalty of heart to David. At the end we prayed for a woman leader whose ministry had suffered from the wrong alignments and a ministry couple who were experiencing strong opposition in a difficult place. We were humbled and could not refuse the couple when they privately gave a seed plant to 5-Fold Global of 2000 Naira ($12.60). 

Favor and Sally attended an assembly of 35-40 students ages 2 to10 and teachers at the preschool and primary school next door. They sang a welcome song and invited Sally to share. She encouraged the children of the Riches of Grace Mission Academy to work hard in their studies; to listen to their teachers and parents; to obey them quickly, quietly, & cheerfully because that is how Jesus wants us to obey Him. She also encouraged the teachers to draw their strength from the Lord because working with children is very hard work and is so important because they don't know the gifts and callings God has placed upon the children they are training. They closed their time together singing Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.

The evening of day two began with the choir at Bible Centered Life Church singing an anointed song calling us to look to Christ to live. There were testimonies of healings from the night before and a very special testimony of how words spoken by Sally on day one about her new calling and how she had waited upon the Lord had touched many hearts and taught them to be patient. Samuel reinforced this and all were so blessed that Nigeria was her first mission under the new era of ministry. Rick Piersee shared a moving testimony of how God delivered him from alcohol, tobacco, witchcraft, and sexual sins. The key was his abandonment as a child and his later adoption by God. Mick followed with a message on the transformation of the city of Ephesus from Acts 19 concluding with a challenge to believe and trust God to transform Port Harcourt. Samuel prayed a very moving prayer over the people on this key point.

NOV 30: This was a day of rest for everyone until 2:30pm when we met at the church for a meal and proceeded to the palace of the traditional king of the region who welcomed us and shared about the kings of the Bible, many who did not follow God. He specifically mentioned Rehoboam who followed the wrong counsel and the importance of having a priest at his side to help him please God. He mentioned how many of these kings did not use the authority God gave them rightly and had pride. He told of David & Bathsheba and how David used his authority to have her husband killed. Samuel rose to share how long we would be and Mick stood to address the King giving thanks to God for his acknowledgment that Jesus Christ has all authority and is King of kings and Lord of lords and is the one who has given him the authority in the land of Oyigbo. Furthermore he gave the king a brief summary of our mission and of God's desire to transform cities chosen by His will. Those gathered with the king applauded twice during the address. The king requested we return on Wednesday afternoon so he could gather all his chiefs to meet again. Mick closed with a prayer of blessing. We all knew by the Spirit of God that this meeting was a strategic part of God's transformation for the region. Later in the day, another important part of our 5-Fold team arrived from Benin, Dr. George and Elizabeth Oge

DEC 01:
On Sunday morning, we observed and encouraged the levels of discipleship training taking place in groupings throughout the sanctuary. Samuel had shared with us the night before about three phases of discipleship with transformation indicators seen in each disciple in order to go forth. This was impressive and even included a group of business people. Disciples do not move forward unless they meet certain transformation indicators in their life. Mick gave the prayer at the promotion ceremony (Pictured on left) and Sally rendered a moving prayer at a baby dedication. We moved onto another church after the children executed a special song with dance. We proceeded to Fountain of Living Spring International Church with Pastor Leonard and Happiness Amandu where we were enthusiastically received. Mick brought a brief message of greeting and encouragement.  

Later we met with the 24 young leaders (pictured on right) at Bible Centered Life Church who had surrendered their lives to the ministry about 40 days earlier for a major teaching and equipping session on the new generation of leaders and key strategic aspects pertaining to the establishment of house churches. There was a strong emphasis upon team ministry with a prophetic act led by Samuel to join the young leaders together in their respective neighborhoods for the work of The Lord.

DEC 02-05: This began four days of transformation gatherings with evening services at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church. Two questions served as the main points for the beginning of transformation:

Each day began with leaders arriving in an environment of prayer and praise unto God. A key leader would give a welcome and opening encouragement from God's word prior to the main teaching session. This was followed by the Roundtables (Pictured below) to consider the main question built around the focus for the day.

The roundtable questions for each day were:  

5-Fold Global leaders were assigned to each group and on the final day young leaders facilitated each roundtable. The question and specific guidelines for the Roundtables were carefully reviewed each day. 

The first day of the gatherings began with The Venerable Rex Ufomba of the Anglican Church opening with a message on a divine visitation. Mick presented an in depth study of transformation ministry concluding with the transformation command of Jesus, "Let us cross over to the other side." (Mark 4:35). Sally testified of her crossover and shared from Luke 12:35-48 regarding leadership and how "to whom much is given, much is required." She explained how verse 41 spoke to those in leadership and that leadership is never a right, but a privilege. You are a gift to the body of Christ according to Ephesians 4:11. The body doesn't always remember that. The three most important things God has given you:  

Humility and obedience is most needed today. Leaders came forth for repentance following this morning session. We then went forth with the roundtable strategy.

The evening service at Saint Mark’s Anglican Church moved forward with angelic singing by the choir.

This confirmed the sharing of Sally's testimony that again touched many hearts. Mick followed with a message about Ananias and Saul from Acts 9 on how important each individual is to God's plan. Brother Samuel led in prayer as Venerable Rex supported with singing. Rex then continued in prayer and those gathered experienced several waves of repentance and cleansing. 

The second day of transformation gatherings began with an opening by Bishop Victalis Ogolato, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. He shared a brief message from 1 Kings 19:1-8 and John 10:27 identifying at least five kinds of altars. Samuel confirmed the presentation for the day saying God is selecting leaders to be used by Him for transformation. If a leader does not have a spirit of transformation he cannot take transformation to the people. Mick gave the teaching on taking the transformation to the world using both a frontal ministry strategy and setting ambushes as commanded in Joshua 8 and confirmed in 1 Peter 3:1. We proceeded to the Roundtables. They had grown from 3 to 4 and there were several spheres of influence represented. Another leader privately brought an offering of 1000 Naira ($6.30) for 5-Fold Global work. (Note: 5-Fold Global Teams never publicly or privately request such offerings; however, on occasion such sacrificial giving does occur as the Lord moves and we are compelled to humbly receive and faithfully place the gift into the global ministry on behalf of the giver). 

James and Maria Murunga of Kenya arrived prior to the evening service to complete our 5-Fold team of four nations. At the service, Elizabeth Ogele (Note: Elizabeth had to return to Benin the next day) testified that this team is the most important I have seen. It's time for us to have some changes in our lives and families; in any part of your life, in Jesus name. A transformation is on the way. In Luke 19 Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus. This is a type of transformation. God is here to visit you in Jesus name. He pressed forward; he climbed; he met Jesus and was transformed. Transformation is coming to you in the name of Jesus. She declared again that this operation is the most important and the most significant. Her husband, Dr. George Ogele followed with a foundational message on brokenness. Brokenness has a lot to do with humility. John 12:24 says unless a seed falls to the ground and dies.  Why does the seed have to fall into the ground? Because it chose burial and death. The seed refers to us and unless we allow our foolish desires to be buried we cannot be transformed. The flesh is the problem of man. Psalm 34:18 says God is close to those people whose hearts are broken. Ezekiel says he will take away the stony heart. Without brokenness there is no transformation. Before God can use any of us our hearts must be broken. Psalm 51:17 says he will not despise a broken heart. We are crucified with Christ. Jesus did not fight back. When you fight back you are no longer crucified with Jesus! Brokenness is very, very important. The Holy Spirit will have nothing to do with a filthy vessel. People with broken hearts are obedient. Those without do not follow their leaders. They are also very susceptible for evil spirits. Goats are stubborn. If a heart is not broken there is no transformation. Nothing will work. If you don't tie the goat he will destroy everything. People that are not broken can destroy. What happens when there are pigs & dogs in the house? Pigs eat everything; dogs follow everyone. They will not experience any positive transformation. Brokenness is when Satan has nothing within you. Brokenness is not disobedience. That's why Saul had a negative transformation. This is why humility is so important to believers; void of pride. Some of the cases are because people are not broken. Can't serve God without a broken heart. 

The third day of transformation gatherings for key leaders began with a welcome and prophetic song by Maria Murunga. The world has to know who the true leaders of God are. This is the time and season to be exposed. Don't wait for the world to expose us. This is your season, this is your day, a fresh anointing coming my way. James followed with the morning teaching session. If we don't recognize that we are in a crisis we will remain in the crisis. Daniel had to get back the scriptures to position himself. God is bringing a revelation with understanding. This is a season of revelation and understanding. Jesus and the blind man who saw men like trees. If Jesus left him in this situation he would have continued in the crisis. Prophetically, if we remain in revelation without understanding the church will remain in crisis. Many are so busy in the church that they do not know what is happening out there. If abortion becomes the culture we are in crisis. Every street corner has a sign for witch doctors. We have a problem; a crisis. There is a problem with Christianity fallen from the word of God. We are the demonstration of another culture. We have created a religious culture and this is a need for transformation. We have embraced a system contrary to Christ. We must perfect our discipleship process. Matt. 21:12-13 the cleansing of the temple. We have embraced a failed system. If not, statistics would be different. We must address the system of making disciples. Jesus went into the temple of God; not of the bishop or elders. A commercial culture had entered into the house of God. Two kinds of businesses: money changers and seats of those selling doves. That spirit had infiltrated the church; the spirit of money. It is truth presented to the church that will bring transformation. God can use us to start a fire with the presenting of the truth and rightly handling the truth about money. Jesus attacked the seats of those who sold doves used for sacrifices, but a dove is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. There is a system in the church to merchandise the work of the Holy Spirit. Faked miracles to maintain large followings to commercialize. The system of the house has been derailed. One of the major hindrances against the church is witchcraft. We must come together for strategic consultation to bring transformation. The level God is calling us to is corporate with an identifiable unity.  Col. 2:6-9 reveals there are philosophies of man in the church and not Christlikeness. We must evaluate our worship and our traditional belief systems. God is raising up a remnant who stand up and say no to the system of the world. If we hallow transformation we must be concerned with society. Jesus talked about the principle of the seed. It can bring transformation. The harvest will be explosive, but we must have a kingdom mindset. Come back to the place of kingdom principles, kingdom truth, kingdom strategies. Transformation will restructure us to see! This is the time!

Samuel prophesied to the leaders: A time will come if there is money changing and seat in your ministry there will be no ministry! He used the example of Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:18-20 and stressed how the gospel was a confrontational gospel.

The Palace Ministry (Photo left) - Mick shared heart to heart with King Michael who confirmed that God had sent him and to leave no stone unturned. James followed to emphasize the importance of transforming and reclaiming the land and George closed our sharing with the king. We agreed to prepare packets of the 40 values from the LaRed Business Network for the king and his chieftains. The king also instructed Samuel to arrange for a Sunday evening gathering of key spiritual leaders to bring spiritual unity in the territory. The king said, "I will be there."

Dr. Samuel Isong’s, wife, Favor, testified at the evening service on the importance of an encounter with God. She shared from her own life how the Lord took care of her (Psalm 27:10).  You need to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the will of God be your will. Let your vision be His vision. Look unto God for you have a God who has a voice and speaks to you. Listen to Him!  
Samuel followed with a stirring message on living in the supernatural. David was always willing, relying on the Lord. If the Lord will use us in the transformation, it will not be in the natural. If we are going to fulfill the spiritual work, we are going to be spiritual people who walk in the supernatural. God wants to work transformation through us. You are here because God is counting on you; to release you to use you.

 A prophetic word came forth through James: He is going to change the name; the identity of this nation shall change!

The team proceeded to the house of Venerable Rex where we prayed over his family at his request. Favor, Sally & Maria fervently prayed for his wife and children. They asked them to minister to the Anglican women gathering in conference the following day. We were served a wonderful meal where the team discussed how to print the faith based values for the king and chieftains. It was determined that each packet would cost 400 Naira or around $3.00. We will use the emergency fund monies to get this done. We were reminded how we must trust God on such things of strategic importance. We determined to do 40 packets for those who will go forth with the army following in accordance with the word of God (1 for the King, 12 for his chieftains, and 24 for the young leaders with a few extra for other key leaders).

Day four of the transformation gatherings with key leaders began with an appeal from Mick from 2 Kings 20:1 for leaders to
set your house in order with an emphasis on marriages. He transitioned to sharing global statistics stressing the absolute dependence upon the power of the Holy Spirit and having a burden for souls. He reminded the leaders of the king's instructions to leave no stone unturned. George Ogele followed sharing his experience of being baptized with the Holy Spirit and his experiences in ministry to the Muslims in the North. You must be prepared to minister to a Muslim because he will test you. There is no crucifixion of Jesus or Son of God in the Koran. Unless you get them to the place to listen to you, they will not hear you. Then you must get them out!  Islam is not peace. Violence is written in bold letters. You are not there on your own. (Note: see Zechariah 6:8).

The final day of Roundtables were led by young leaders who facilitated the groups with great effectiveness. This was followed by testimonies of transformation from leaders. There was universal agreement that God is starting a new move. Several leaders came forward to testify of how they had been transformed:

Sally, Maria, and Favor returned to Saint Marks Anglican Church in the afternoon by special invitation to address the Anglican Conference for Women (Pictured below right). This proved to be a very strategic gathering as the life giving role of women is too often overlooked in the ministry. Not so on this day as the 5-Fold Global wives delivered a transformation message that needs to be echoed around the world.

Sally began with a greeting and a brief message entitled, “Transformed Daughters.” God calls us His daughters. We are called daughters of Zion and Jerusalem (2 Cor. 6:18; Zech. 9:9; John 12:15). 1 Sam. 16:7 - What is He looking for? 2 Chron. 16:9 – A heart that is completely His; loyalty. Proverbs 10:22 says the blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it. Our blessings can become burdens; our roles and responsibilities. If your blessings have become burdens, something has to go! What in our hearts has to go? Children are a blessing (Ps. 127:3) and verse 2 says He gives His beloved sleep. Luke 10:38-42 – Mary and Martha. Titus 2:1-5 – Older women are to be teachers of good things. What does a heart that’s completely His look like?

Hurting people hurt people. We can’t give what we don’t have. Let God transform us so He can use us to transform others. Maria followed with a powerful message from Jeremiah 31:15-17 on Rachel weeping for her children. Men weep; women wail. Children are a heritage from the Lord (Ps. 127). Wail for your children, your city! God can bring them back! Don’t rest! Deut. 30:19 – Set before you is life and death. Choose life! Women are life givers. Jeremiah 31:22 – the backsliding daughter. Verse 21 – Don’t give up! Favor concluded this unified and much anointed flow of ministry with Isaiah 66:9: Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery? says the Lord. Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb? says your God.

The final evening service was held at Bible Centered Life Church. Maria sang about breaking down dividing walls and James delivered a powerful prophetic message that took us deeper into worship, repentance and unity.

There is a birthing of an end time move of God to make disciples of all nations. This the commissioning of a continent. Do not despise the time of small beginnings. If you will watch over what is birthing in you it will not only transform you but the nation and continent. Unity of the bond of the Spirit of God in purpose of the mandate upon you. The hand of the oppressor has been upon you but I'm here to tell you unity is breaking him. Zechariah 1:12 what is it that causes God to answer us, the Nigerian church. Give us revelation on prayer that moves the hand of God. Matt. 7 & Luke 10. When Solomon asked for wisdom heaven came to attention.  I prophesy that the prayer ministry shall be transformed into that which will get the attention of heaven. We must change our prayer ministry. Biblically wisdom is a building block of the church. It is the content of our prayers. Ps. 2:8 God begins to direct the angel of The Lord to prophetic action. God is zealous. He wants us to ask him for those nations. Go after souls to make disciples but also ask for the nations in verse 16. Heaven also carries out research on cities with surveyors. There is a people who are ready to transform the land. 7 pillars of influence: gov't, (Ezekiel 21) church, family business, media, education, art. Take our position in the heavenly. Acts 17:16 kingdom vision to see what going in our cities and report it to God. Time for the prophets to arise in Nigeria and give an account to God. Analyze the spiritual condition. Athens means “uncertainty.” I prophesy to you it is time to wake up! He wants to deliver Nigeria. He wants to deliver Africa. Now is the time.
All leaders came to the altar where there was an intensive seeking of God for the land, for transformation and for unity. The Holy Spirit fell noticeably as vocal intercession and breaking down walls occurred.

Key leaders were apostolically and prophetically consecrated and released to go forth with the mandate for the transformation of the land. Anointing oil was poured upon Venerable Rex Ufomba in representation of the apostolic and prophetic mandate upon all the chosen leaders.

DEC 06-07: These two days were designated for house visitations and spiritual preparations for the upcoming strategic Sunday assignments. We first had a team meal at the home of Dr. Emmanuel and Vivian Ugchukwu. Afterwards, the team met with around 20 leaders, mostly young, of Bible Centered Life Church. We discussed several prophecy of Scriptures regarding transformation and other prophecies given beginning with the rebuilding of the temple of David in Acts 15. The Holy Spirit zeroed us in on the need for having personal intercessors and His desire to transform prayer and worship ministry. We discussed how The Lord was raising up the Davidic generation.  

The 5-Fold Team met on the next day at 4:00pm for sharing and prayer before proceeding to a house church where we were received with joy. After some singing, Mick shared from Acts 10 about the strategic importance of what happened in the house of Cornelius. We prayed for a young boy whose foot was swollen almost twice the size of the other. James shared how the Lord was choosing communities and whole households for transformation. We proceeded to pray for the head of the group, a wealthy man who owns many homes. This was followed by prayer for individual needs recognizing that Jesus also focused upon the needs of persons. The team discerned that there were things in this home that needed a future house cleansing. As the team departed following a shared meal we noticed the boy's foot was without swelling to the glory of God. 

DEC 08: This was a very important day for the entire operation as team members would take the transformation message to various churches in the region culminating with a strategic gathering at the palace later in the day. Each member shared a brief message at Bible Centered Life Church prior to being sent forth. After a brief welcome by Sally, Mick shared the understanding he had received that morning regarding Luke 19:41-44. Jesus saw the city and wept over it. This means he perceived and understood what was going on. It was more than physical sight. He sobbed and wailed aloud in pain and grief over the city like mourning over the dead. Verse 42 reveals that the crisis of the city has been hidden from their eyes even though it was their day. This is why the enemy could come and surround and close in on every side. This looks like what has happened to Nigeria and it is not God’s plan. God’s says, ‘Nigeria, this is your day for the things that make for your peace.’ Just as the enemy of corruption has left no stone unturned, now the agents of righteousness and transformation will leave no stone unturned in establishing Oyigbo into the land of truth for the glory of God. This is your day! This is the time of visitation (Greek: episcope). This refers to “the act by which God looks into and searches out the ways, deeds, and character of men in order to determine their lot accordingly, whether joyous or sad.” It entails God’s inspection for relief and oversight. 2 Chronicles 16:9 says the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose heart are loyal to him.” In the old temple, not one stone was left, but in the new temple made without human hands, the stone the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. Maria followed with a song and an important question for the day: Are we prepared for the seed the Lord is sowing in this ground? Next James shared about defining the sphere of your influence. We must understand the spheres God has ordained for us. A sphere is an area of activity. Look at Jonah. He did not have a passion or burden for Nineveh. God at times will take us to places that you did not even desire. Saul did not have passion for apostolic ministry. There is a sphere God has ordained for each of us. God defines the sphere of our activity. Take Genesis 2 as an example. We attempt to plant our own garden. This will frustrate us. We must operate in the sphere of God's calling. It's about each of us stepping into the sphere God has foreordained for us. In Acts 17 Paul unveils the pattern of God for the city. You can be religious and miss God. Agents of transformation will do great exploits. Verse 26 reveals He has determined the time and boundaries of your dwelling. 

Team members were then sent out to different locations with the message of transformation. Mick and Sally along with Pastor George of Benin went to Bishop Lawson's church where we were welcomed with great enthusiasm. There was much praise and a baby dedication that was very moving. Sally shared a welcome and Mick brought the message from Luke 19 in the strength of the Lord. Bishop Lawson summarized it for the people with great zeal calling them forth in response to the preaching of the Word. The spirit of transformation was in the house as the multitude cried out to God. Young Pastor George (Benin) prayed fervently and under a visible and powerful anointing over the people.

At the meal, Bishop Lawson presented an offering of 10,000 Naira ($63.00) for 5-Fold Global operations. We prayed over the offering and departed to join the rest of the team. On the way the vehicle became stuck in the mud delaying our arrival. When the team was finally reunited we proceeded to another church location where different tribes presented foods unique to them with dancing and thanksgiving. We then departed for the strategic transformation gathering at the palace. 

At the Palace - the team arrived in a timely manner. It was determined we needed to move outside in order to engage in the prophetic action of pouring the oil of anointing on the ground or soil. The Holy Spirit had given Samuel Isong the proper order to follow and we proceeded in strict obedience according to God's plan. It is hard to put into words to even come close to describing the significance of this gathering that brought together the king, officials, and spiritual leaders of the land of Oyigbo. It was a history making event in spiritual partnership with the heavenly council as each leader shared for 10 minutes. The apostolic and prophetic insights were astounding with each pouring oil up and down upon the soil as peals of lightning and thunder echoed in the Nigerian skies. Even those arriving late confirmed what had taken place before. At the beginning you could hear rumblings of thunder and then lightning in all directions as if God was adding His voice. This continued for about two hours. The women also gathered around the queen to intercede for her with words that revealed the purpose of heaven. The king prayed to God repenting and asking God for forgiveness for ancestors who had sacrificed animals and even human blood and for taking slaves. At the end there was a demonic manifestation as a man who was from a family opposing the king began violently writhing with much shaking and crying, but he could not advance beyond where the oil had been poured. Men carried him off to cast the demons out. We presented to the king the 40 values printed out for him and his chieftains to begin a transformation initiative in the midst of the land. The rain came immediately at the end of the pattern God had shown. This was seen as a sign of the showers of blessing. 

DEC 09: The 5-Fold Global Team departed Oyigbo, Port Harcourt, to return to their respective homes and nations. Those from Benin Republic faced long bus rides and those from the USA and East Africa encountered lengthy flights to reach their destinations. All arrived safely home in accordance with God’s word.

        Lessons Learned

        Concluding Remarks

Words cannot adequately express the impact of this operation upon the leaders and people of God in Oyigbo, Port Harcourt, and upon the 5-Fold Global team itself. The Lord taught us so much in the midst of a people whose depth of commitment and perseverance in serving God is destined to one day be an example for the nations. We believe The Lord has clearly spoken that this land known by the nations of the world for corruption shall be transformed by the hand of God to a land of truth and righteousness. Furthermore, we believe and acknowledge that God has chosen Oyigbo to begin this miraculous shift to reveal His glory.

This operation is only beginning for Nigeria. Dr. Samuel Isong writes, “The impact of the operation is increasing by testimonies from respective leaders. All glory be unto Jesus our great Lord. We need to keep praying for sustenance and multiplication. More grace to serve Him more.” He further concludes, I want to praise God over and over again for the wonderful grace God bestows on you for ministry. I and Favor have learned humility and sacrifice in service in ministry. We have chosen to serve God more in a higher dimension of humility and sacrifice than ever before. Nigeria operation is, in fact, was a huge lesson in all ramifications. One of the top leaders in the land made to me this remark: ‘that was the first of its kind in this region; the Team has created a history of REVIVAL AND TRANSFORMATION IN THE REGION THAT CUTS ACCROSS THE CHURCH AND THE TRADITIONAL COMMUNITY.'  To our great God be all the glory.