Northeast India Mission

January 7-22, 2016


            This operation was built around the 5-Fold Global mandate of equipping a new generation of leaders and believers to fulfill the book of Acts in the power of the Holy Spirit and multiply the end time harvest through strategic prayer, power evangelism, Spirit filled discipleship, and church planting aligned with God's word. I, Brother Michael, am submitting this report more in the first person because of its unique nature and the spiritual understanding God gave me during and shortly after the mission. I've observed all over the world that church leaders are not training believers in the things of the Spirit. This must change if the church is to finish strong for the glory of Christ. This was a difficult operation in several respects. The team had to prove from the Scriptures and our own experience with the Holy Spirit that the ministry of the Spirit was more glorious and marvelous in God's eyes than our religious traditions, patterns, and forms of worship could ever be. (2Cor. 3:8). The spiritual battle in the heavenlies was also somewhat underestimated and yet the Lord was faithful to speak clarity into the mission at every place.
The 5-Fold Global Equipping Team (pictured left) performed the will of God with a high
degree of excellence. Our Nepalese brother, Reuben Pradhan, proved to be a prolific charismatic teacher with great prophetic insight into the region and the things of the Spirit. We flowed together like we had been together for a lifetime. In addition, young Tamara Simonyan (Armenia) and David Paul Desabattula (South India) ministered under a strong anointing to young people throughout the mission. I am still rejoicing with Jesus on how effective they were in their one on one ministry to the new generation. My confidence in our 5-Fold Global Teams has never been higher following this operation. Only God can bring together leaders from four nations and then cause them to flow with such unity and purpose in the Spirit. Although preparations on the ground were surprisingly inadequate for the New Generation Conference on the Holy Spirit and Mission to the Poor, it all fit with what the Spirit had planned. The earthquake in Manipur may have affected some attendance, but there were last minute cancellations that proved otherwise. I told myself that something must be going on in the spiritual realm. On the surface it appeared that this conference was a big failure, the wrong timing, the wrong group to target, and an overall embarrassment with only twenty in attendance. I spent the night wrestling in prayer ready to give up and give in with the devil whispering in my ear how I had come all that way, had wasted all these resources for nothing. He didn't stop there. He went on saying how I had missed it this time and had not heard from God. Suddenly, in the midst of the battle I heard the voice of the Spirit say, "I sent you here for two people!" It was like Satan's tongue was ripped out rendering him speechless. The only voice I could now hear was that of the Lord of Hosts. I found myself humbled and so privileged that God had chosen me and sent my wife and I so far for such a precise purpose. I now spiritually understood that this was much bigger in God's eyes than a conference of thousands, let alone seventy. The Spirit revealed to me that the two young leaders (Titing and Absalom) from the Evangelical College of Theology (ECT), who had traveled by bus for two days to get to the conference, had come by faith with no provision to return. The Lord instructed me to fly them (pictured on the right) back to Imphal following the conference and to plant a seed offering into their lives and ministries with the provision Sally and I had personally brought with us to minister to the poor. They decided to pay Titing's tuition since she was also arriving at ECT by faith with no provision to continue her Master of Theology studies. Once all this was presented to them they both were overcome with tears as they had not shared their needs with anyone but God alone. This set the tone for the entire operation and when we headed for the capital city of Itanagar in the restricted state of Arunachal Pradesh, God touched many more young leaders and believers than originally planned. 


Sunday, Jan. 10 - The team arrived early at Guwahati City Church where we immediately encountered a young woman named Alish, the caretakers daughter, who was burning with a fever. We laid hands upon her and rebuked the fever in the name of Jesus. By the time of the service, the fever had left and she was well for the glory of Christ. There were around 75 in attendance as a number of young people were on vacation, according to the pastor. The church has a new older pastor since the young one is now in Bangalore doing his Master of Theology studies. In the Independent Churches of India (ICI) pastors are assigned by the district for 3-5 year tenures so it's doubtful the young pastor would return to this church. What effect this would have on a new generation church is uncertain, but it was a good sign that the new pastor expressed the need for more emphasis upon the Holy Spirit and acknowledged the Spirit had been neglected. This is typically a universal acknowledgment of pastors in every place. Tamara shared her testimony as the first guest of this church from Armenia. Her telling of the night Jesus repeatedly called out to her and how she experienced His light coming in and darkness fleeing similar to the dawn of a new day resonated with the people. Sally gave a brief and powerful word comparing the natural earthquake earlier in the week as a sign of the spiritual shaking of God upon the earth and the nations. She declared, "We have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken." (Heb. 12:28). She concluded with the shaking and filling of the Holy Spirit in Acts 4:31 saying, "As you stand firm in Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit with boldness, God will use you to minister His love and salvation to a shaking and dying world." Michael followed with a message from Acts 4:14-17 on four things religious leaders and others saw in the apostles. He explained how they saw boldness, ordinary people being used by God, that they had been with Jesus, and that notable miracles had taken place. Michael exhorted the people to come alive and let the Spirit flow through them with authority and power to continue the ministry of Jesus. He told them to begin in their homes since the church's theme for the year was the Christian home. Although he challenged church members to come forward to pray for two sick men, no one came forward except a young leader being sent to the mission field. This again was further evidence that pastors are not equipping the people to do ministry. The young leader was invited to come to the Conference on the Holy Spirit, but he said he must first get permission from his pastor. The pastor said he would come and bring this young leader and some others. We proceeded to a nearby home to pray for a young mother in her early 30's named Traningkim (pictured left with son) who suffered from kidney disease in both kidneys. We felt healing power go forth and as Michael asked Tamara and Sally to place their hands upon the woman's kidneys, she confirmed a heat like fire coming through Tamara's hand. Although it was reported a couple days later she was doing well, we expect to hear of her complete healing in the days to come.
  Monday, Jan. 11 - As we waited for the expected arrival of Reuben and David Paul, Sally and Tamara ministered to two women and some destitute children they encountered in the shopping plaza outside the compound. They prayed with Mary, CBCNEI Receptionist, for her backslidden sons and for Nancy, a member of Guwahati City Church, who had a healing need. They bought bread, rolls and juice for two homeless children, a 10 year old girl and her naked 4 year old brother. Sally shared how this was a heart breaking experience to see children no one is caring for and a reminder that the poor remain a priority in the ministry of Jesus. All team members had arrived safely by the end of the day.
Tuesday - Friday, Jan. 12-15 - The start of the conference was postponed till later in the afternoon as we waited for attendees to arrive. Finally we began shortly after 4:00 pm. with only 19 attending, including the team. David Paul began with a devotion from Psalm 139 entitled, Search our Hearts, Oh God. He declared, "The Holy Spirit is all knowing, all powerful, almighty, and Holy God. The Holy Spirit searches our hearts. Depending on God is hard and we need to periodically search our hearts and let others speak into our lives. Everything in Jesus' life involved the work of the Holy Spirit. We need to know and experience the Holy Spirit. God is always watching and knows everything we do. Sometimes we aren't real with God. We need to repent. In China p
eople will listen to preaching for many hours because they believe it may be their last time. God search our hearts!"  Little did we know at the time the impact of this devotion upon us for the conference. 
        Michael deliv
ered the first teaching session which included a comprehensive introduction to the Holy Spirit with a special focus upon the deity of the Holy Spirit. He revealed how belief in the Trinity has become the litmus test for Christianity from the earliest days of the church and that all denominations agree on the Trinity and that the Holy Spirit is being neglected in the church. "We're all on a spiritual journey," he said, and "don't leave the Holy Spirit out of your journey. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit begins with young people." He proved from the Scriptures and early church history that the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) work together as one, while highlighting thirty names for the Holy Spirit in the Bible. Reuben (pictured left) brought the second teaching session in the evening entitled, Learning about the Holy Spirit from Jesus. He shared about a 2006 revival meeting in Shillong to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the 1906 revival that took place in NE India. He told of a prophecy that came forth saying, "When revival comes will you be ready to give your children?" He shared how revival did come upon the children and spread throughout the churches and embers of revival fire are still there. This was an amazing prophetic point that revival often involves a breaking away from the previous generation in order to become a generation of the Spirit. Brother Reuben went on to proclaim that "no one can teach about the Holy Spirit better than Jesus!" He stressed observing His experience as well as what He taught. Using Matthew 22:29, he declared how we need both the power and the Scriptures; how many have the Bible without the power and others have power without the Bible. "You get things wrong when you don't know the Scriptures nor the power of God. Jesus taught the importance of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God gives instruction; the Holy Spirit leads us to follow those instructions. If you have the Word and the Holy Spirit, you have everything." It was agreed that Reuben should complete this teaching in the morning. Some wanted to move on to other teachings, but Sally spoke a precise word in season saying, "We don't need to hurry, we need to hear!"
The next day there were 23 present to hear the teachings on the Holy Spirit. Tamara began the day with a devotion on the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt. 25:1-13) comparing the Holy Spirit to oil. Following a brief skit demonstrating the importance of having our jars filled, Tamara skillfully went through each of the nine fruit of the Spirit in G
alatians 5 challenging the group to "have your jar full of these." She said, "love has no boundaries," and cried out "fill our jars, Lord!" The roundtable question for the day was announced: "How could your experience with the Holy Spirit change to be more like that of the New Testament believers?" This gave each participant an opportunity to reflect on the question throughout the day.
        Reuben finished his teaching from the previous evening. He talked about the yoke of Jesus (Matt. 11:29-30) and how it means to join
like a coupling. He highlighted the balance in what Jesus experienced and taught. "Jesus instructs His disciples on the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit always witnesses about Jesus. He guides us unto all truth." He pointed out from His teaching on blaspheming the Holy Spirit how Jesus exalts the Holy Spirit. He warned the group saying, "Don't speak carelessly about the Holy Spirit," and ended with an appeal for believers to "come to Him to receive the Holy Spirit." During the customary tea break, Sally prayed for Alish from Guwahati City Church, who had been healed of the fever the previous Sunday. The Holy Spirit was healing her wounded heart filled with pain as we learned her mother had hung herself two years earlier.
         Michael began the next session on The Baptism with the Holy Spirit. No stone was left unturned in this teaching as he dispelled the myths about this experience before walking the group through the Scriptures. He successfully distinguished the baptism with the Holy Spirit from conversion and water baptism while clarifying the role of speaking in tongues. He pointed out from Acts 11:15 that Jesus and Peter both taught on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. The operational authority and role of the Holy Spirit was fully identified along with the Acts 4 pattern and the importance of new tongues. This was a very thorough teaching and one of the pastors attending shared he had been won over. Three roundtable groups met after lunch with Tamara, David Paul, Titing and Absalom teaming up
to lead them. Reuben put the final touches upon the day's teaching sessions, reinforcing from the Scriptures the baptism with the Holy Spirit as a separate experience. He directed the group to be open to God's word and the Holy Spirit; to get rid of pride and come in humility. He pointed out the spiritual immaturity and how people need to be taught again the doctrine of Christ (Heb. 5:12). Each leader and believer was given the assignment to spend the evening in prayer seeking the face of God regarding their attitude and receptivity toward the Holy Spirit.
        The final day of the Guwahati Conference with 24 present began with a devotion by Sally on "The Sacrificial Heart of Generosity." This was also an important devotion due to the added emphasis on the mission to the poor, a mission that is close to the heart of Jesus and the compassion wrought by the Holy Spirit. The roundtable question was announced: Have you ever seen any of the nine manifestation gifts of First Corinthians in operation? Tell about your experience. Michael began the first teaching session of the day on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This was a very comprehensive teaching revealing spiritual gifts as one of at least six things believers are not to be ignorant of (1Cor. 12:1). He pointed out the primary gift lists in Scripture and defined what they were and their operation. He also showed how the current hierarchical structure of church leadership was different from the New Testament structure taught by Jesus (Matt. 20:25-28). Reuben followed after the tea break with the final teaching from Matt. 16:18, I will b
uild My Church. "Building without tools is impossible. Spiritual gifts are tools God gives to build the church. Love is the basis for the use of the gifts." (1Cor. 14:1). He closed with a profound natural example of a dove whose wings each have nine feathers saying this represents that the "gifts of the Spirit have to operate with the fruit of the Spirit." He declared, "Every gift comes in like a dove with two wings." Following the roundtables, a young pastor and three of his young leaders from Assam provided special music. Those who were left (pictured on right) gathered in a circle for prayer. As we began to pray in concert the Holy Spirit began to move upon Titing and Absalom, who was swept off his feet. The Holy Spirit filled them and they released some new tongues. Others received the overflow, but it was these two theological students who were most overwhelmed by the Spirit. Tamara and David Paul met with them later to help them to pray in and with the Holy Spirit. Reuben departed for his home that evening and Titing and Absalom flew back the next morning filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. The rest of the team departed by train for the 8-9 hour overnight trip to Itanagar. We had miraculously received the required permits into the restricted area of Arunachal by the end of the conference.  
Saturday - Tuesday, Jan. 16-19 - We arrived at 0530 and were easily processed before being placed into a new hotel by the Central Town Baptist Church. After taking rest during the day, the team was escorted to the church for a youth meeting. Thirty-nine young leaders and believers (pictured on left) from at least three churches had gathered together after receiving word of our coming only the day before. After some formalities and singing a hymn, Sally shared a strong word from 2 Timothy followed by brief message
s from Tamara and David Paul. Michael brought a very challenging word for the raising up of a new generation of the Spirit from Acts 3. The youth were called forward at the end where Tamara and David Paul prayed over the entire group. As Michael encouraged them to be desperate and call out to God for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit began to move. One and then another could be seen with tears running down their faces and some began to weep and some were observed shaking. One girl was bumping into others fearfully resisting the Spirit. Michael cast out the spirit of fear and  the peace of God flooded over her. One young man also demonstrated physical manifestations that appeared to be more from demonic attack in resistance to the Spirit. Michael and David ministered unsuccessfully at the beginning coming against what was believed to be an unclean spirit, but later when accurately seen as a spirit of infirmity due to observing a sudden paralysis of his hands, the spirit of infirmity was cast out and the young man was restored. We observed several waves of the Holy Spirit flowing upon the group. The first was a cleansing one like a spiritual fire with much weeping and desperate crying out to God followed with an infilling and the evidence of new tongues by at least four or more young people.
        Sunday morning we were divided into three teams and sent out two by two to churches of the NBCC Town Baptist Churches in the area. Michael and David Paul went to one under the direction of Range Pastor Likha Loma. He was the mission evangelist in Twang years ago when Michael and Chungthang traveled there with Hali Likha Ama and his wife. He gave a good report of the church in Twang. This church was located in Nirjuli and was very large and filled with a few hundred people. They went through their normal formalities that go on and on with a chairman directing things, which is the common practice. David Paul briefly shared his testimony and Michael preached beginning with Isaiah's encounter with God in Isaiah 6 and quickly transitioning into the continued works of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. He had the people lift hands and begin to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives with a desperate thirst. Again the Spirit began to move with a breaking, people crying out, weeping, shaking and new tongues almost all from the new generation of young people present in the service. Church leaders were admonished again for not equipping the people in the things of the Spirit.
        The next day we had two sessions with over 70 new generation believers from 16-24 years of age. David Paul and Tamara shared their experience with the Holy Spirit and Michael taught on the teachings of Jesus about the Holy Spirit in session 1 and a shorter session on the activity of the Spirit followed with the same pattern of receptivity and invitation to seek the Spirit with desperation and thirst. Again there were the same manifestations of breaking, crying out, weeping, shaking, and new tongues by a good number of those present. At the end a 23 year old third year dental student began a strong demonic demonstration. Michael had commanded the demons to come out and she initially became calm, but when manifestations later reappeared further attemp
ts were unsuccessful as the discerning of spirits was needed. Although the sister of the girl shared she had resorted to alcohol to relieve stress, it was obvious that this was much more and in need of deliverance ministry for she made the sign of Satan and mocked the name of Jesus sticking out her tongue and gritting her teeth with writhing and violent kicking. Her pastor was asked to take her to another place for counseling, but he just left and Brother Ama with great compassion wanted her to repeat Jesus loves you which she did with mocking. Later we joined her family at the counseling center where Chungthang was trying to force her to drink. Although it was reported later that the girl had been restored, this was a situation where much prayer and fasting is needed.
        The next morning we went to the prayer center where 35-40 gathered for healing. We preached two rushed sessions focused on he
aling with David Paul and Tamara sharing their healing experiences. Everyone was anointed with oil and prayed for healing. There was little demonstration of power in our estimation with little evidence of believing faith for healing. In the afternoon, Michael, David Paul and Tamara met with leaders of Christian Revival Churches (pictured right). Dr. Joram Dol  gave us a full tour of the church and fully explained the growth of charismatic churches throughout NE India. The church and network with over 600 churches in the region was far larger than we expected with evidence of a substantial outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Lessons Learned

Concluding Remarks

         I believe it's necessary to lay hold of the Holy Spirit's perspective for each 5-Fold Global operation. Although I received with other team members specific and sometimes unexpected revelation knowledge while in NE India, the Spirit ministered a fuller perspective upon my return. This mission did not end with the New Generation Conference on the Holy Spirit or the ministry in Arunachal. Much more was accomplished in Kingdom Advancement than we could see and observe. Of course there was the obvious impact upon Titing and Absalom. Titing said, "It was wonderful blessing to be with you all and the work of the Holy Spirit was amazing."  Absalom led a friend to Christ within three days of his return and another one after that since being filled with the Spirit. He shared with me that "with the help of God am doing my best in spreading the importance of being filled in Holy Spirit to the youth. I can't stop telling the experience I had there because I know more about God and what all He does for those who really trust him and believe in him, who are his children. I am waiting the leader to give me a time to preach/share in chapel devotion. I wana speak to them the importance of being filled in Holy Spirit. Am having a burden among the youth."  (pictured right, David Paul, Tamara, and Reuben with Titing and Absalom). This is exactly what God is calling young leaders to do and confirms again and again our 5-Fold Global mandate to equip a new generation of leaders and believers who will fulfill the book of Acts in the power of the Holy Spirit and multiply the end time harvest through strategic prayer, power evangelism, Spirit filled discipleship, and church planting aligned with God's word. God commands victories for His people and here's a summary of some of the victories He wrought through this strategic mission:

        Reuben, Tamara, and David Paul also learned much as indispensable members of the 5-Fold Global Team. They provide the following unedited reports:

        CBCNEI, a Baptist retreat center in Guwahati is also the main hub of the entire Baptist denomination of the North-east India. Most of the believers from this denominational background haven’t experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit. At times, there are misinformation regarding this topic that often people are confused and discouraged to pursue its experience with some even having an antagonistic attitude toward the whole thing. So when I first read the email from brother Michael inviting me to join him in teaching on the Holy Spirit in this venue where about 70 people were expected, I was so thrilled and excited. However, only a few people of about 20 or so turned up for the meeting. I was somewhat disappointed at the beginning since this wasn’t what we expected at all. Nevertheless, the first evening started off with a bang. The Holy Spirit used brother Michael followed by me to introduced Himself through the teaching of His Word and testimonies of revival. We could see the excitement on their faces at the dining table after the meeting. The following days we could see, although some had to leave and newer ones joined us, people yearning to learn more with some of them coming under the power of the Holy Spirit. Brother Michael taught passionately on the Godhead aspect and various other topics of the Holy Spirit. Besides, David, Tamara and Sally also brought the Word that was a blessing to us all. I personally enjoyed every moment of the time spent in that campus with the lovely Christian brothers and sisters. God was bonding His people representing different nations like India, Nepal, Armenia, Myanmar and the US. I’m sure God brought us together not only for this conference but also to minister together in the coming days to different tribes and nations in order to prepare a people ready for His coming. During the conference the Lord seemed to teach me that sometimes my personal expectations could blind me from seeing what the Lord actually plans to accomplish and thus I need to look beyond it and be sensitive to what He’s doing. And no matter what the scenario, to always rejoice and be confident in Him with the knowledge that all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose. The seed of the Word has been sown and when the seed brings forth fruit it’s always manifold. And that’s what we strongly felt the Holy Spirit is going to do in the coming days – that through the few people who attended and experienced the move of the Holy Spirit in their lives multitudes will be taught and a new move of God will sweep the land that will bring glory to the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen!
Reuben Pradhan, Ephesian 4 Ministries, Nepal & NE India

        A year ago in Christmas I prayed and asked the Lord to give me a chance to go and serve in India. By the time I had no contacts, and had no idea how God was going to make it. The whole year I was praying, and during one of my prayers I saw a vision of a river.  In fall, 2015 I got a phone call from one of our pastors to interpret for new guests at the church. And that was the first time I met Michael and Sally Gross and Chung Tang Thiek. I made really good friends with these people and we spent the whole week serving the Lord together, during the week they asked me whether I would like to join them in a conference in North East India, at the city called Guwati. And they added that there is a river going through the city. Yes! That was my conformation. And I also didn’t have finances to make this trip but Lord completely provided through my friends, which was a miracle for me. The following months we spent on working together and planning the ministry in India. Whatever I was doing for the trip to India I saw the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  January 8th we left for Delhi. When the plane was landing and I was watching the huge city of Delhi, I was enjoying the moment where you completely depend on God and surrender Him and His plans. I joined Michael and Sally in Delhi and we headed to the city of Guwati. We expected 70 young leaders for the New generation conference on Holy Spirit but 20 came, and I always admire Gods ways , as it is written in Isaiah  “…My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts…” . As before I was reading through the New Testament I could see always people expected Jesus do one thing He did something totally different. So our God is Unpredictable. In this ways He humbled us more and we surrendered all our plans to the Spirit once again. During the conference the Holy Spirit powerfully moved and touched people. We could see His move. Some of the young leaders experienced His great presence.  There I met 2 young people from Bible College, spending time with them and hearing their stories was a big encouragement for me. It seems like God is the Great Cosmic Playwright and He has so many stories all around the world, every time I hear one of them I enjoy His faithfulness, creativeness and taste. We spent the week in CBCNEI. Every time we went outside to bazaar or other place and came back I had the feeling that it was like spiritual oasis in the desert. Definitely I was experiencing strong warfare in that city. Every day especially nighttime I was praying, mostly in tongues as I could feel the attacks from the enemy. But Holy Spirit was in control. This was a new phase in my spiritual life. I felt His presence and protection stronger. The next week in a miraculous way we got the permission to go to a restricted remote region called Arunachal Pradesh. And we took a train to that place. Our team was simply great! A blessing from the Lord.  Brother Michael, Sally, Chung Tang, Lalli, and David. The team was like a body each of the members was important and we could not even imagine the trip without any of us. I learnt humbleness, care and faithfulness from them. Sometimes I could just spend hours watching them; they were so pure and genuine. At 6 AM we reached Arunachal Pradesh. India is so diverse! A whole new world was opened for us. There were many churches where God provided us opportunities to serve. And He gave us more than 70 young people. During the services Holy Spirit was moving and healing these young people. One could see how the Spirit was cleansing them.  And for a long time I had fears about casting demons, I always avoided those prayers. But during one of these ministries which Brother Michael was leading we saw a demon possessed girl. And for the first time in my life I had no fear as I felt the authority Holy Spirit gave us for that warfare. That was a big lesson for me. And during that vary service my hands start burning and I felt like electricity was going through my hands and an understanding came to me to pray for the sick. I was just standing there and suddenly many young people came up to me and ask to pray for the sicknesses they were suffering. I did what God had already told me to do, obeying. I do not know what happened to these people after, but I know we need to be responsible for the part God trusts us, the rest He will do. Also our team got this opportunity to go to the prayer hill. I can never forget in my life those people in the hill who came with faith and they were desperate for the Spirit. Such good examples of faithful believers and the verse came to my mind “…. ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be opened, search and you will find…” . God knows the desires of their hearts. During the whole trip my team was encouraging and giving me opportunity to share a small massage or a testimony with the churches. This was totally new experience for me. And I learned something very important from my team members. Every time I had difficulty deep inside I knew if I share with them I was going to get support, understanding and prayer. Through them I saw the embodiment of mature people of God. As a young leader for me that was a precious lesson which I am going to take for the rest of my life. In Arunachal Pradesh I got a chance to meet with a young lady. We met during one of the services. Later she came and shared her powerful testimony how Lord saved her and cleansed her from sins. And she asked me to share her story in Armenia with my friends, she told me that’s her promise to the Lord that many people will hear her story and praise His name now I came to my land and brought with me the story and the call of an Indian girl and this testimony I am sure is going to be a blessing for many Armenian women. It seems I left a piece of my heart there, and fell in love with people in that remote region in Himalayas! We are far but Holy Spirit is there. May God bless you,Tamara 
Tamara Simonyan, YWAM, Armenia

I was called by God for Ministry and the Vision of  'New Generation Conference' coincides with me to raise disciples. But I am young and new to the wider ministry and on the fields of ministry. I believe God connected me to 5 Fold Global and the Vision. It was new experience for me as i have to be in the upfront with people praying and ministering. In the past i have seen manifestations but i was behind the screens helping them. I have several questions about which things work and which don't work and this Missions trip showered me with experiences. It was an eye-opener and reminder of previous experiences. I have to get closer to God more and dependent on Him only. I have to evaluate things or events from God point. Help me in prayer and correction, as we work in Team. Thank you all.
David Paul, The Gospel to the Ends of the Earth, Vizag, India
        Upon my return, I also received a report from Dr. Samuel Isong of the move of the Spirit during a youth camp in Nigeria. I inquired as to how the Spirit manifested Himself upon the youth. He responded, "I witnessed the manifestation of the Holy Spirit among these youth was in the areas of
profuse weeping and crying out for God's beauty in their lives. Most of them spokes with new tongues as they Holy Spirit move among them. They rededicated their lives to worshiping, evangelism and other services of God. They couldn't leave the Church even when the camp meeting came to end by 2pm till 7pm since Friday Night. The theme was BEHOLD HIS BEAUTY (in your life)." I became aware that God was moving in a somewhat predictable pattern around the world. This also became apparent in a meeting with Noah, the young pastor of High Mill Church (USA) where I attend and do some teaching. I prayed with him and shared our experiences in NE India and the youth camp in Nigeria. In addition, I gave him some counsel I give young leaders; things to begin doing in the church to facilitate a move of the Holy Spirit:    

Noah asked me to teach the Sunday morning class on Acts 2. I agreed and later informed young Absalom to join me in prayer for the class, which he did from ECT in Manipur, NE India. The teaching led to a fresh move of the Holy Spirit as Noah, Kevin Kazemi, Sally and I engaged in team ministry while over 30 people prayed out loud seeking the Holy Spirit. A 16 year old youth was filled with the Spirit with evidence of new tongues and he testified before the whole congregation during the morning service. A number were weeping and experiencing cleansing. One woman was instantly healed of severe neck and shoulder pain. Gifts of the Spirit began to operate through two church members. In the service our young pastor obediently discarded what he had planned and led the whole church, over  200, in repentance and seeking the things of the Spirit. This was a new beginning for this church. Our prayers were answered. Young Noah bore witness that this was a great victory. He added, "What a day. That marked a first. I haven't ever obeyed to the point of throwing everything out." God always honors the obedience of faith and is looking for young leaders like Noah, Absalom, Titing, Tamara, and David Paul who will fully obey Him. Now let us pray leaders here and everywhere will build upon this great victory for the glory of Christ.
        I pray you can see the spiritual connection between the activity of the Holy Spirit in this operation and what took place at the youth camp in Nigeria and High Mill Church in the USA. There is an apostolic and prophetic pattern to the move of the Holy Spirit in every place. It involves a breaking and cleansing first with weeping and crying out then infilling and new tongues as the Spirit moves upon the new generation. God's desire is for every generation to be a generation of the Spirit.

Then Peter said to them, "Repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call. (Acts 2:38-39)