India Mission 2014 Report

Equipping and Empowering a New Generation in India

October 30 – November 17, 2014


        This seven week operation was the longest in the history of 5-Fold Global Ministries and involved two strategic and timely operations. It began with 30 days in Northeast India followed by an intense 15 day mission in South India. Our long term partners in the Gospel, Chungthang Thiek (Imphal, Manipur State) and Santhosh Desabattula (Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh State) spearheaded the mission in each region in conjunction with their Ephesian 4:11 teams.

There were some prophetic words given by several 5-Fold Global partners before departing for India on October 30, 2014.

1.     Oct 12, 2014 The Holy Spirit spoke, “New Generation Church, New Generation Church, New Generation Church and Let the dead bury their own dead.” 

2.   Oct 25, 2014 “Be blessed and go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are believing for the word of the Lord to cut to the root and to bring about true transformation in the body of Christ in every place where He places your feet and causes you to walk in His equipping anointing. May you be strengthened for the days to come and be empowered to stand in truth and righteousness for His Name's sake.”

3.     Oct 26, 2014 “The Spirit of Elijah is upon you. Go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah.”  

4.     Oct 28, 2014 “The more you release of yourself the more anointing there will be.”

5.     Oct 29, 2014 "Go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit, you will witness the Holy Spirit confirming His word, convincing the hearts of the young and old. Go forth you will return with joy, testimonies that the Lord has glorified His name"  

        It was evident from the above that heaven directed the mission to focus upon the power and work of the Holy Spirit with the new generation being raised up by God in the final hour. In addition, the writing of a New Testament Church Planting Manual beforehand in response to God’s command served to renew minds regarding how Jesus designed His church to be structured and to operate in order to fulfill the Great Commission. The cry of the new generation is for equipping in the power and operation of the Holy Spirit. The fresh mandate God had given 5-Fold Global to equip and empower a new generation of leaders and believers to fulfill the book of Acts in the power of the Holy Spirit and multiply the end time harvest through strategic prayer, power evangelism, Spirit-Filled discipleship, and church planting in alignment with the Word of God was now ready to be confirmed and implemented in every place.



North East India Mission

NOV 4-7: The North East India Congress on Church in Mission (NEICOCIM) was a massive undertaking that brought together over 400 Christian leaders from the Northeastern states as well as the plains of India. It was a historic gathering and God used our 5-Fold Global partner, Chungthang Thiek (Pictured at the podium) and his son, Joshua, to bring it all together.

        There were a number of prominent speakers and a number of challenging statements around the theme, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” (Acts 16:9)

“The saying that NE INDIA churches are the strongest is a misnomer. We have not been united. We have a Lone Ranger mentality. Let us work together to produce followers of Jesus Christ. No denomination will enter heaven; only followers of Christ. The Macedonia call is for all of us. Urgent. Not a lack of vision that will defeat us, but a lack of obedience.” Dr. Leaderwell Pohsngap

“The mission belongs to God. He owns the mission. Longer we go the bigger I becomes and we must be careful. The moment God takes the Spirit away we fall down. We say my and mine all the time. Servants don't own anything. The moment we claim ownership over anything God goes.” Dr. M J Hynniewta

“Unless we experience a spiritual awakening in our land, we will very soon see an entirely different form of Christianity that will no longer serve its purpose as salt and light to the world…In our own ministries we need to return to the apostolic days characterized by Spirit-filled ministry, exercising diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit. The enormous task in hand is simply too daunting without the power from on high. We need to examine our own ministry in the light of the change brought to the apostles on and after the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came with such immense power. One of our greatest enemies is ourselves. We need to come out of our slothfulness, lethargy, coldness, complacency, self-sufficiency, hunger for position and power, denominational pride and satisfaction with the status quo…We may not totally agree with all that is said here. But let us agree that we need change. Unless change occurs, the Church in the North East is in danger of spiritual decay and death. And she is too young to die.” Dr. Kh. Khaizakham

“The teaching of the Bible is teamwork. Psalms 133 and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 exhorts and edifies that teamwork has greater strength, and we should be doing everything believing in teamwork in mission.” Rev. P. John Wesley

        NEICOCIM was heavily dominated by evangelical thinking with a commendable emphasis upon sending missionaries, but rarely mentioning anything dealing with the Holy Spirit. There were some bold statements made in some of the teachings about the ill effects of denominationalism and the need for revival; however, it was evident there was no strategic action plan presented that would bring transformation and a seeking of the power of the Holy Spirit. On the final day, the Lord sent a choir of new generation believers with an anointed song to prepare the way for a final message (Listen here: This message was God's strategic plan to be given by Brother Michael Gross on the power and work of the Holy Spirit. It was a most challenging word with apostolic correction to those calling and praying for revival while ignoring the power and work of the Holy Spirit.  Delegates were asked to stand with lifted hands seeking to be filled as the Spirit directed Michael to lay hands here and there on those seeking. One young man in the far back suddenly fell like a feather onto the cement floor as the power of the Spirit came upon him. He shook strongly and then boldly began speaking in tongues and magnifying God. This was witnessed by Brother Reuben Pradhan, a Spirit filled brother from Nepal. The next day some of the remaining delegates approached us asking for us to come to their place with invitations to Shillong, Imphal, and Churachandpur. This is what Brother Chungthang Thiek predicted would happen as he exclaimed, “It is God’s plan now!”

NOV 8-14: Three weekend revival services at Guwahati City Church proved very fruitful with many young people of the new generation in attendance (View church singing: The messages emphasized the Holy Spirit and the raising up of a new generation. There was an unexpected applause for the prophetic word about the new generation global church movement. There was evidence of many seeking the Spirit and receiving a fresh outpouring.

        Ministry at the CBCNEI Compound involved open doors for praying with and encouraging young believers. One by one staff members would approach us for prayer on a daily basis. Several reported they experienced healing. We were also able to spend time with Lynda and Medha, two young women in ministry as the Development Support Team of Open Doors International, serving persecuted Christians worldwide. In addition, we met with a young emerging leader, Joseph, who had completed his Master of Divinity studies and was preparing for his assignment with the Independent Church of India (ICI). It became evident that God had begun a new generation movement.

NOV 15-18: The Shillong ministry in the state of Meghalaya involved travel into a mountainous region at the invitation of a prominent leader and his wife. Joshua Thiek again was of great service to us as he accompanied us to every place. Unlike John Mark, he never departed from us. Preaching at the Mawlai Church of God, a holiness church, provided another opportunity to call forth attention to what God was doing. The message emphasized how spiritual fathers and mothers were needed for the new generation; how every generation must sanctify itself before setting out; and that the Holy Spirit must come upon the new generation before it advances. An elderly woman came forth after the service for healing and the presence of God was there to heal her. Then an elderly widow pleaded for prayer saying an evil spirit was fighting inside her. The evil spirit was cast out of her in the name of Jesus.   

NOV 19-20: Upon our return from Shillong, we immediately assembled with the Guwahati group of young leaders to discuss the possibility of having a Holy Spirit Conference for 70 new generation leaders in Guwahait and in Imphal the following year. We all agreed to make this a prayer matter under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The following evening at the request of the group of five young leaders, we did a prayer and Bible study fellowship at the EFI Headquarters Building on the topic of spiritual discernment. One of their friends named Faith renewed his faith in to the Lord. Healings are also taking place as young leaders pray for their parents and loved ones. The new generation is coming alive in the Spirit in NE India. We are now meeting with them in every place and God is moving upon them. Lynda and Medha have a strong desire to begin regular gatherings with the new generation on Friday nights. Michael promised to send each of them the New Spirit Filled Life Study Bible to equip and empower them.

NOV 21-30 Upon our arrival in Imphal, we were transported to the new government offices to meet with Dr. Chalton Amo whom we had met at NEICOCIM. Dr. Amo is the honorable chairman of the Hill Areas Committee, a very respected and influential government leader. After a time of prayer and refreshments in his office, we were taken by military escort to be his special guests at the opening ceremony of the annual Manipur State Sangai Festival. This was a great honor and privilege for us.

        The mission in the cities of Imphal and Churachandpur in the state of Manipur was a team operation with Joshua, Lynda and Medha joining us at each place. In Imphal we stayed with Chungthang Thiek and his family in their home and enjoyed wonderful care and fellowship with them and with Rev. Stephen and Dr. Kim Touthang of Apostolic Ministries. The word we spoke over Apostolic Ministries in 2011 with Arman and Vachagan Davtyan of Armenia was fulfilled as now there are 18 home prayer fellowships in the city and a GeNext Fellowship. The final evening Michael brought a message, Enlarge Your Tents but Be Careful Where You Fasten the Stakes. “Only fasten them where you see the Holy Spirit descending.” It was a prophetic message in the spirit and power of Elijah. Apostolic Ministries serves as an effective biblical pattern for launching the new generation global movement (View video of leaders praying: (
        We traveled to Churachandpur where we delivered messages to students at the Evangelical College of Theology on the Baptism with the Holy
Spirit with an overview of spiritual gifts and their operation. During prayer one young emerging leader began quivering under the power of the Holy Spirit and whispers of heavenly language could be heard. It was evident on the second morning that the 79 students including nine young women studying for the ministry awakened through the Holy Spirit. All of Northeast India appears to be thirsty for the things of the Spirit and key people in high places approach us like Nicodemas seeking more of the Spirit. The new generation will not be stopped due to tribalism and denominationalism. The Holy Spirit is falling upon them. The word is spreading through the mountainous regions about the preaching and teaching on the Holy Spirit.         

South India Mission

DEC 01-15: We arrived in Visakhapatnam and was greeted by our beloved partner, Santhosh Desabattula of Universal Church Ministries (UCM), who immediately confirmed the need for the Holy Spirit to be sought by all and God's raising up of the new generation. UCM has 100 church plants, and an additional 250 affiliated churches throughout South India. A newly established Christian Network Organization already has 3,500 spiritual leaders. This two week equipping and empowering operation was designed to bring valuable training in New Testament Church Planting to pastors and wives in remote village areas. Invitations had been sent in a 100 kilometer radius of each location with each one day conference to accommodate 100 people for training. Three ministry headquarters were established to carry out the mission: Visakhapatnam, Rajamundry, and Vijayawada.

DEC 01-03 Visakhapatnam Ministry Headquarters: The mission began with a Gospel and Healing Service at UCM Church with around 70 in attendance. We preached on Able Ministers of the New Covenant. About 15 young generation believers were called forward and urged to seek the Holy Spirit. They appeared reluctant at first but then began to be earnest in seeking. Many came forward for general prayer for healing and other things. An unexpected offering was given to 5-Fold Global following the service of 871 rupees. 

        The first conference was held at the UCM Bible College in the village of Eruwada with 125 leaders and wives in attendance. We were able to get two sessions of teaching in with a strong anointing and we laid hands on and prayed over each couple for fresh anointing and for God to strengthen their marriages. There was also prayer for healings as many had various manners of sickness. One woman had an evil spirit of fear that left in Jesus name and you could see a visible change as the peace of Christ displaced the fear. Others showed visible signs of renewed anointing and infilling of the Spirit.  

DEC 04-08 Rajamundry Ministry Headquarters: The second conference in Divili village was attended by 103, mostly pastors and their wives. Some travelled as much as 10 hours to come for this one day with their wives. The open air upper room was completely filled to capacity. After encouraging the village pastors on how Jesus also went to all the villages from Matt. 9:31-34, the first session covered the teamwork and mission instructions of Jesus from Luke 10. There was the prophetic declaration of God's increase upon the region as they faithfully obey Jesus and His operational pattern. Following lunch we presented the husbands and wives teaching ending with ministry to each couple for fresh anointing upon their marriage and ministry including healing and restoration of anything in the past. Some were visibly touched with tears flowing. 

        We traveled to the village of Ballipadu where we conducted a service under a plastic canopy outside The Rock Church of India pastored by the UCM Pastor’s father-in-law. Around 70 eventually gathered and heard a message on The Healing Ministry of Jesus. There were 15 who repented and renewed their faith in Christ, mostly of the new generation who came alive with the prophetic call for a new generation church to arise in the power of the Holy Spirit to do the ministry of Jesus. The team prayed for infilling and came against sickness and disease oppressing many as they went forth laying hands upon the people. There remains some reluctance for women to actively participate in the ministry. One elderly man wept as the healing power flowed through his body. We expect reports of healings in the days to come. 

        We traveled to do another gospel meeting at a UCM church in the village of Vadapalli. These meetings are a great help and encouragement to the pastors. After Sally's greeting and brief message, Michael brought a message on casting out demons. There were seven women who renewed their faith in Christ and then we prayed for everyone, breaking oppression off of them in the name of Jesus. There were around 30-40 who attended the service.

        On Sunday, the team first went to a church in a leper colony where 27 gathered to hear a message from Acts 1 on the power of the Holy Spirit. Two women received the Spirit and could be heard speaking in tongues and magnifying God. Then we went to meet Pastor Raju and Suvarna of the UCM CHURCH in Brahamanagudem village. This church was made up of about 40 people almost all women. (View video of women earnestly praying:(  We brought a message on Tabitha, the seamstress in Joppa and her value to the spread of the gospel finishing with Paul's list of faithful laborers in Romans 16. We prophesied an increase in the ministry of Jesus when they received a fresh anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit to do His ministry.  We celebrated the Lord's Supper with the church. On the final church meeting of the day, Sally delivered a powerful and strongly anointed opening message on Living in the Last Times from 1 Peter 1:3-12 at Jesus Christ Paid All Worship Center in the village of Ravicheruvu. This small church was packed with about 50 and the preaching was on the deacons and early believers being full of wisdom, full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit. There was evidence of a strong outpouring upon the people as they were seeking a fresh outpouring from God. Several were heard shouting out with tears. One women began shaking violently and then knocking those around her. Michael rebuked the familiar spirit and commanded it to go. The woman calmed and dropped to her knees receiving the Spirit of Peace. There was the presence of God also to heal the sick as many were prayed for physical healing. 

        The third pastor's conference at the Mount Zion Center, Pangidi, was well attended with 170. The first session was on New Testament Church Structure and the Anointing Needed to Make the Shift. The prayer time for couples was again very anointed with a number of wives in particular observed with tears running down their faces. We also prayed over those who received sewing machines to help with their livelihood. On the return to Rajamundry we stopped at an orphanage and spoke a word and ministered to 20 orphans. 

DEC 09-12 Vijayawada Ministry Headquarters: The fourth conference in Peravali Village on the way to Vijayawada went very well with 130 attending. The first session covered the church in the wilderness and the New Testament church leadership and operational structure. Santhosh indicated the anointing was increasing, getting stronger with each conference. The afternoon session on husbands and wives went forth with prayer for each couple. Again they were touched with some wives even embracing Sally as the power of prayer engulfed them. One woman had her joy restored. A young 23 year old Spirit filled leader who said he was a missionary and had prayed and fasted for the past 10 days, received a fresh anointing. God was showing us those young leaders of the new generation whom He has chosen and that equipping leaders must be strategic.

        The fifth pastor’s conference in Eluru village was attended by 130 with many wives also attending. The first session was on New Testament Church structure and we dealt more and more with breaking down dividing walls of denominationalism, men and women, and human management verses the supervision and ministry of the Holy Spirit. A man shared with great excitement about a recent church growth conference with David Paul Yongi Cho, a three day conference in Malaysia he had attended on October 28, 29 & 30. He shared how the keynote address was the same message Brother Michael just delivered concerning the new generation. He declared to all attending that this is how he knew what was being taught was from God and not from man. He also shared that Muslims now were trying to capitalize on the new generation message around the world. This conference was hosted by Hebron Ministries and Pastor Martin. The second session also was powerful with the healing, restoration, and fresh anointing and outpouring upon marriages and ministries. Again some women had tears running down their faces. One pastor asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit and his body began to shake when hands were laid upon him; his lips and tongue quivered as new tongues flowed. Another man said the pain in his back left as we prayed for healing. We prayed for another man who had two operations for brain cancer. Healing power touched him as well as another with an injured hand. The Spirit also directed us to another 21 year old man chosen by God in the new generation global church movement.

        The gospel and healing service at Gudavalli village was attended by around 40 almost all women. A father and son were the pastors. The people were very receptive to the message, Lord, Increase our Faith. There was an observable outpouring of the Spirit upon a number who were seeking and some were baptized with the Holy Spirit as there again was a quivering of their tongues followed by a strong flow of heavenly language. The people were very attentive and desired an outpouring of the Spirit. 

        The next day we ministered at a leper colony in the morning where 24 gathered for a brief message from Luke 17 about the heart of the leper who was a Samaritan. The team then proceeded to the village of Kankipadu for the sixth and final pastor’s and wives conference. A hundred were in attendance including thirty Bible College students. Sally gave a fiery anointed welcoming message on Jesus’ Prayer for Unity so that the World would Know and Believe from John 17:20-23. This prepared the way for the first session on New Testament Church Structure that began with a challenge from Luke 5 on old wine verses new wine. The second session for husbands and wives stretched those attending to adopt the kingdom mindset for marriage and the home. The Spirit had shown us to begin the afternoon sessions with Ephesians 5:21-32 that reveals a correlation between husbands and wives and Christ and the church. Another powerful prayer time followed the session. The pastors will now follow-up to preach and teach on New Testament Church Structure and God's Plan for Marriage and the Family over the next weeks. The team was tired but remembered that when we are weak, He is strong. Santosh reported around 750 have attended the six pastors and wives conferences. 

DEC 13-15 Visakhapatnam: The team made the seven hour journey back to Visakhapatnam rejoicing in all that God had done. On Sunday morning the church was full. Sally shared a message, Count it all Joy, from James 2:2-5 highlighting much of what she had taught during the mission and Michael followed with a prophetic message from Ezekiel 17:22-24 casting the vision of the new generation global church movement. In the evening, two house churches came together in a low income area. The house was full with no room left so many were gathered outside the door. Sally brought a message on children that brought correction to a young couple who insisted that the wife must have a girl child. We proceeded to pray blessing and cleansing over two homes. The next evening we attended a home prayer meeting that again overflowed with people. Sally shared from Psalm 121 and Romans 8 and Michael followed with Acts 12 encouraging the believers to be constant in prayer and to renounce the devil and all his works.

Lessons Learned


1.    The continuous preaching of the gospel message to believers will not equip them or mature them for the work of ministry.

2.    A focus upon mission work without an emphasis upon the power and work of the Holy Spirit will not fulfill the Great Commission. 

3.    Praying for revival is unfruitful unless there is a fervent seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to operate in spiritual gifts. 

4.    Tribalism and denominationalism are works of the flesh and greatly hinder our capacity to fulfill the Great Commission. 

5.    The new generation desires to experience the Holy Spirit of the Bible and to work with Him; to be trained and released into His ministry; to freely worship in Spirit and truth. 

6.    Common Christian religious practices, formalities and orders of services often distract from what God wants to do in the body of Christ.

7.    The New Generation Church is stirring and will become a global movement. They are serious about breaking down walls of religious formalism and seeking the Holy Spirit. 

8.    The equipping of leaders must be strategic and comprehensive so they will be effective in equipping believers for the work of ministry. 

Concluding Remarks


        This missionary journey was actually two missions in one. The Northeast states have little in common culturally with the Southern states; however, they share a strong Macedonian call to take the gospel to the nations of Southeast Asia beyond their borders. In fact, it was evident that God had established an open door; a spiritual highway into all of Asia. The strategic nature of India's role in fulfilling the Great Commission was most evident during the entire operation. The Kingdom of God is advancing throughout the nation and Hinduism is in decline though its open idolatry is still very evident.

     The equipping and empowering of young leaders continues to be the single most needed thing in every place. For this reason, 5-Fold Global seeks to accelerate our teamwork and resourcing with our spiritual partners around the world. One of our top priorities is to develop a 3 semester hour course of study on the power and operation of the Holy Spirit that can be used by Bible Colleges and Theological Schools around the world. We hope to field test the course at the Evangelical College of Theology in Northeast India during the 2015/2016 school year including a spiritual retreat at Nehemiah Prayer Mountain for students. In addition, we will be expanding the New Testament Church Planting Manual to include a biblical model for advancing the new generation global church movement. We have received overwhelming confirmation on these things and this mission has empowered us to boldly go forth with a fresh anointing. Like our dear brother Santhosh recently said, “We focus on young generation leaders to equip and to release them into Kingdom ministries.”  The photo below reflects the level of unity of mind and purpose being orchestrated by the Holy Spirit among leaders and believers in India. Represented are those directing or involved with 5-Fold Global, Evangelical College of Theology, Nehemiah Prayer Mountain, Compassion International, and the Development Support Team of Open Door International. We also reiterate what our Brother Chungthang said earlier, It is God’s plan now!”