January 9-31, 2018


            This 5-Fold Global Mission marked an important shift in our strategic targeting of the new generation. Although the team preached in several church services, house fellowships, and the city mission school, we concentrated the equipping ministry with the faculty and students at Apostolos Bible College. God had placed an ardent desire in our hearts for spiritual impartation to these nineteen new generational leaders. It was very much like that which Paul expressed to the saints in Rome: "For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established--that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me. (Rom 1:11-12 NKJ). The 5-Fold Global Team of James Murunga (Kenya), Joram Dol (India), and Michael Gross (USA) were confident in God that there would be a supernatural, divine impartation to young leaders during the ten-day intensive course on The New Testament Church. In addition, the team desired to be used by God to move Apostolos Bible College to a higher level of effective operation in equipping young leaders. Therefore, 5-Fold Global provided the college through ISOM (International School of Ministry) with ten trimesters of DVD curriculum equivalent to four years of Spirit Filled courses. We also gave provision for a desktop computer to pursue the establishment of an electronic library. This spiritual impartation mission was also enhanced by the college faculty of Peter Chettry (Faculty Head), Abemo, and Alex Roshi (Pictured right with James & Michael). The course also greatly benefited from two powerful video segments from Dr. Samuel Isong of Nigeria. This operation launched a growing 5-Fold Global International Faculty to equip the new generation to fulfill the book of Acts in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

             James and Michael had extensive travel to reach the remote state of Arunachal Pradesh. Michael was delayed due to flight congestion around Newark, NJ, but was able to join James a day later in New Delhi where they traveled together by plane and an overnight train to reach Itanagar in the early hours on Saturday, January 13 after four days of travel. The delay prevented us from joining Evangelist, Dr. Joram Dol, for a crusade in Assam; however, we were able to rest, prepare, and minister in one of the area Christian Revival Churches before beginning the first teaching sessions at the Bible College on Monday.

The Christian Revival Church (CRC) is a Charismatic, Pentecostal and Holistic Evangelical network of indigenous and autonomous churches. It was important for the 5-Fold Global team to minister in and learn about the CRC churches because almost every student was involved in this context. They describe their formation and mission in this way:

“The Nagaland Christian Revival Church was formed intrinsically based on the Biblical Foundation under the power of God with mighty Revival Tide of the Holy Spirit and now rapidly growing on the Foundation of the Word of the unshakable Truth. It was the fulfillment of the Promises of the Holy Scriptures according to Acts 2:39 that a great and wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit came upon the people of Nagaland. And according to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ, this Nagaland Christian Revival Church was born on the 9th January 1962 at the beautiful Village of Gariphema in Nagaland to be separated from the paganism for the Greater Harvest of Souls. That the God of heavens and the Lord of the Harvest is mightily using this Christian Revival Church Multiplicatively in Asian Regions as it is not by might nor power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts (Zec. 4:6). This church was drastically separated from the paganism for the greater harvest of souls. The ministry of the CRC shall launch out into a large Gospel mission field to be the witness of the kingdom of heaven both from the East to West and from the North to South. And even unto many varied nations, thus says the spirit of the Lord… because the word of God increased and numbers of disciples were multiplied.”

We noticed several things about the CRC churches and home fellowships we experienced in Itanagar. One is that the promotion of the Holy Spirit and revival produces phenomenal growth in the number of disciples and churches. CRC churches now number in the thousands throughout Asia (see their tree of growth on the left). Another thing we observed is that women typically outnumbered men 3 to 1 and in some cases 4-1 in the churches. The team saw this as a positive sign that God was raising up and releasing women for the end time harvest. One final thing we noticed was how their churches emphasize and practice charismatic praise and worship and anointed prayer in triple ways with first confessions of sin, second casting out of Satan, and thirdly prayer for anointing of the Holy Spirit. We observed the people repeating “Praise the Lord!” three times in unison before and after any prayers. (Note: this originated from a prophetic revelation during World War II to distinguish Christians from the enemy, preventing them from being arrested or killed by British troops). The people would also quote James 4:7 immediately after the three Praise the Lord’s, prior to the second prayer segment of casting out Satan. The triple prayer was the standard practice in every CRC church and home fellowship we attended. Although it often appeared too methodical and repetitious (Matt. 6:7), we did sense a spiritual foundation and substance in the practice that made you want to continue to even more strategic levels of prayer and spiritual warfare. We also were amazed how God has given our beloved 5-Fold Global partner, Dr. Joram Dol, tremendous favor and influence in the CRC churches. Although Apostolos Bible College is independent from CRC, many of the students will function in various capacities within CRC following graduation.       

Preaching in CRC Churches, Home Fellowships, and Prayer with Government Leaders  

            James and Michael preached in five CRC churches and two home fellowships during the operation. Although all the messages delivered in the churches were noteworthy, the first and last deserve special mention. James preached the first message from Numbers 16:46-50 entitled, “The Fire from the Altar.” He first described a vision he had seen. He saw clouds of darkness, demonic spirits in the heavens blocking the light from reaching his city. He asked, “Lord, how do we deal with this?” Then he saw groups of believers coming into small houses united in faith who begin to pray. He saw the houses light up. The prayers ascended into heaven like fiery arrows through the darkness. Rays of light began to come down on the city. As the rays hit the ground they began to melt and turn into golden liquid fire and spread in every direction to connect with other beams of light. All began to spread, and the city began to beam into heaven. In the twinkling of an eye, the light removed the cloud of darkness and God said, “By My Glory!” “The glory of God is the place where we connect with heaven and the fire of His power falls down. God has an assignment for His people. God has a plan for His church. What if there had been no fire on the altar? In a time of destruction, God looks for willing vessels to carry the fire through the land. Is there fire from the altar to put a stop to what’s happening in the land? Do you want to see a move of God in India, to see revival moving on the land? Here is the way! We must learn to pray! For the fire to be released, we must be strong in faith in Jesus. India is going to be changed by a passionate love for Jesus. Today, we can come to the altar of God in unity. Come in prayer. There’s a fire at the altar to stop what’s happening. I’m here to announce, if you have faith in the living God, I prophecy new strength in God. A mixture of prayer and faith brings a release of spiritual fire. What kind of fire is on your altar today? The Holy Spirit connecting with the sacrifice of a pure heart will open heaven for God’s glory to be poured out upon the nation to transform it. God is light and fire in your life. Those who are ready to sanctify themselves. It’s time to come forward and connect with heaven for greater kingdom work!” 

            Michael preached the last message in a large CRC church. Using First Corinthians 12:1-11, he announced the message as an equipping message. “God does not want His people to be ignorant of spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are God’s plan for the building up of His church. The entire Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are involved in the manifestation of spiritual gifts. Notice, the Word says, ‘the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one,’ and the Holy Spirit distributes ‘to each one.’ Who are the ones God’s word is speaking of? ‘Each one’ means every believer! Not just pastors or church leaders, but you and me. All of us!” At this point Michael explained the nine manifestation gifts of the Spirit in their respective categories. He detailed how each operates and often in combination, using clear biblical examples. The final challenge seemed to penetrate deeply into the hearts of many. “How many of you have ever received teaching on the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit?” (Note: only one hand out of hundreds went up). Michael, looking at the leaders, “What are we doing? The Bible says it’s our job to ‘equip the saints for the work of ministry.” The message closed with strong prayer for open hearts to receive the distribution of spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit moved throughout the sanctuary falling upon those who had been touched with shaking, clapping of hands, and praying in tongues. Many (pictured left) came forward for fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  

            The team also ministered in two CRC home fellowships (pictured right) as well as several home visitations to pray for families. In addition, people would come to Joram and Minu’s home for healing. One woman we prayed for was on strong medication for high blood pressure and heart problems returned the following week completely healed and rejoicing in the Lord. Husbands were often absent in the homes we visited and the clear majority of those in the home fellowships were women. The Lord also opened the homes of several government leaders. In fact, one by one the leaders requested visitations and prayer from the team. We were able to visit and pray over five government leaders. This was unexpected, and we recognized God was doing something. We believe the Holy Spirit was especially establishing a spiritual connection between government leaders in Itanagar and Kenya. God also moved upon these leaders to give provision for the mission. One leader gave Joram 20,000 RPS ($317 USD) to help care for the team. Another presented equal offerings to James and Michael of 20,000 RPS each. 5-Fold Global planted their portion into James’ ministry. On the final Sunday, CRC churches provided Michael with an offering of 4,000 RPS ($63.50 USD) for petrol. This was turned over to Joram and Peter for fuel costs. Another CRC church provided James with 5,000 RPS ($79 USD) and 1,100 RPS ($17.50 USD) from an individual. In all, 24,000 RPS ($380.50 USD) was given to help care for the 5-Fold Global Team and a total of 46,100 RPS ($730.50 USD) planted into James’ Kenya ministry. There were no appeals for provision; however, 5-Fold Global loves to see these bursts of giving because we desire to see heaven’s reward upon those who give beyond their borders.

The New Testament Church Course at Apostolos Bible College and Ministry at City Mission School

            Apostolos Bible College is accredited by the International Association for Theological Accreditation (L.A.T.A.). There are currently 14 resident students, 5 commuters, and 3 faculty (Pictured right). Although James and Michael have presented leadership seminars on New Testament Church structure and operation before, the Lord had given them much new material to include in the course. The course was organized around ten days of intensive instruction including three groups of students for final exam presentations.

First Week:

v  Session 1: Building the NT Church in God’s Wisdom.                                                                                     

v  Session 2: Spiritual Discernment for the NT Church.    

v  Session 3: The Church of the Gospels, Part 1.

v  Session 4: Eight Components of Heavenly Wisdom for the NT Church.

v  Session 5: The Church of the Gospels, Part 2.

v  Session 6: NT Church Contending Series: The battle for our cities.

v  Session 7: The Leadership Structure of the NT Church.

v  Session 8: The Glorious Church.

v  Session 9: Four Pillars of the NT Church, Part 1

v  Session 10: Ministry Description and Operation of the Ephesians 4:11 Team, Part 1.                                                                                                                  

Second Week:

v  Session 1: Four pillars of the NT Church, Part 2.

v  Session 2: Ministry Description and Operation of the Ephesians 4:11 Team, Part 2

v  Session 3: NT Church Contending Series: Strongholds over various spheres.

v  Session 4: The Apostolic Movement in the NT Church.

v  Session 5: NT Church Contending Series: Overcoming secular worldviews.

v  Session 6: Prophetic Action and Engagement of the NT Church.

v  Session 7: How Apostolic Ministry Operates in the NT Church.

v  Session 8: The Biblical Model for House Churches in the NT Church.

v  Session 9: Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare in the NT Church.

v  Session 10: Group presentations

Students received 35-40 hours of instruction on the New Testament Church (pictured above right) and three credit hours for the course. In addition, the group project measured their understanding of the content, vision, and teamwork in applying what they learned to a proposal for a new church plant or transformation of an existing church context. Their oral and written presentations demonstrated they were impacted by the course and that the mind of Christ concerning His church had gained momentum in their understanding. How much of this will be applied to their future ministries is yet to be determined.

            The team also made several visits to the City Mission School. This independent school consists of around 150 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. A third of the children are orphans. Joram took Michael and James together and alternately to the school to present devotional teachings to students and faculty. Each time was met with the highest degree of enthusiasm. The school greatly needs a computer lab for students. The vision is that a considerable number of these children (pictured left) will enter the Bible College and be sent forth into the mission field.

Lessons Learned

    1.    Strategic targeting of groups of new generation leaders in Bible Colleges and Schools of Ministry by an international faculty is a fruitful strategy. Video teaching by 5-Fold Global Core partners needs to be included to increase the impartation through the international faculty.

    2.    The Holy Spirit is raising up many young leaders to begin house churches in alignment with the word of God.

    3.    Apostolic and Prophetic ministry, so prominent in the NT Church, is almost nonexistent in the 21st century church. The pastoral office continues to dominate and exercise authority over all other ministries.

    4.    Current leadership structure and operation in churches continues to fall short in equipping the saints for ministry. There is little evidence of comprehensive discipleship strategies to train and release the people of God into effective ministry in their respective spheres of influence.

    5.    Human organization is competing with the Holy Spirit’s agenda in many churches.

    6.    Bible colleges and mission schools need more effective use of technology to minimize costs of resourcing students.

    7.    Help is available from God to government leaders who seek to be Godly agents of transformation for their regions.

Concluding Remarks

            5-Fold Global remains committed to the strategic targeting of groups of new generation leaders at Bible Colleges and Schools of Ministry in the nations. The New Testament Church Course was a new revelation to the students of Apostolos Bible College. The team could see some struggle in students during the first week, but in week two significant breakthroughs in their understanding and acceptance of what God’s word revealed about the Church Jesus Christ is building. James and Michael labored in the Word for the students and learned much from them. James Murunga had this to say about his experience: “I remain astounded by the Lord’s grace and goodness to accord me time to be with our brothers and sisters in India. India is needing an influx of Apostolic and Prophetic Mission Operation to help undergird the church and position, particularly, the NE India Region as a Strategic Sending Missions Hub for the impact of the surrounding regions.” 5-Fold Global believes the young leaders at Apostolos Bible College will be more effective in their present and future ministries. We were impressed that there was a desire among students for church planting, including house churches.       

            Two video messages, one by Dr. Samuel Isong and the second by Dr. Joram Dol, mark a fitting conclusion to this strategic mission. We encourage you to view each brief message as they capture the impact of the operation. This mission confirmed the Holy Spirit’s mandate upon 5-Fold Global to equip the new generation in the power of the Holy Spirit. We see the initial stages of God birthing a new generational church for the end time harvest in India and all of Asia.

Final Message by Dr. Samuel Isong of Nigeria to students at Apostolos Bible College

Final Message of thanks by Dr. Joram Dol, Founder and President, to 5-Fold Global intercessors and partners around the world