Psalm 147:15 He sends out His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.


This operation was about spiritual unity among church leaders to transform a region under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. What happens when the church in any place comes together to engage at strategic levels of prayer determined to reconnect with the authority of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit? What shift occurs when leaders, both young and old, fall before God to confess we are tired of doing things our way and with deep repentance declare from this day forward we will do ministry and make disciples His way? What happens is what we saw at Holy Convocations in four sub-counties of Bungoma County, Kenya, and at two 3-day New Generation Leaders Conferences in Bungoma City and the Donholm District of Nairobi. This report seeks to document the spiritual response from heaven when such things take place in the church.

5-Fold Global has worked with Bishop James Murunga and his father, Peter, before him for about 20 years. We are now experiencing a regional impact for Kingdom Advancement that is transforming leaders and churches. God has given James a four pillar New Testament structure (pictured left) to wisely build today’s church upon the Rock of Christ. This operation focused upon the first and second pillars. The strategic level of prayer and spiritual warfare exploded after each session and typically continued for an hour or more. The spiritual intensity and unity sounded forth beyond each meeting place. Rev. Joel Wasike sent this report from Tongaren Sub-County of Bungoma. “Thank God. Brethren now turn on meeting without push. They experience high level of unity. Use to text them for meetings where we fellowship, but now it’s them who are inquiring where to meet and fellowship. I just return all the glory to God. May God bless you and his servants.” In addition, the team was moved by the testimony of a 91-year-old pastor who has ministered in Tongaren Sub-County for decades declared that he never saw such a move of the Spirit as he did on this day. He said, “the fire of the Holy Spirit fell upon us and revival has come.” This was after the fire of the Holy Spirit fell upon the Convocation site with many falling on their faces before God. There was also great progress with the second pillar on leadership development and effective discipleship. In all our 5-Fold Global operations to the nations, the expressed need has consistently been for someone to equip us. 5-Fold Global Teams would return to find the same need expressed repeatedly. But on this mission, the strategic prayer, warfare, unity, and desire to reconnect with God’s authority and power brought a dramatic transformation.

Team Ministry

            5-Fold Global teams are noted for their remarkable unity and quality of ministry in the Word and Spirit. The excellence of team ministry was on full display during this operation. Although several on the four-nation team (pictured right) had never met before, there was an incredible anointing and unity of purpose from the first day to the last that flowed in the power of the Holy Spirit. The young leaders, all 25 years of age, demonstrated a humility before God and a spiritual maturity far beyond their ages. For example, Sudarshan and Vinay Kumar from the Pentecostal Fellowship Church of India traveled at their own expense over 35 hours by train to catch their flights in Mumbai. In India, they currently work with a team of ten young leaders reaching villages with the Gospel. God is using them to establish new generation teams in at least 10 states of India. The Holy Spirit has given them a forty-day strategy of leadership development before sending young leaders forth into the harvest fields. These young men of God have nine years of Spirit filled ministry experience. And the same can be said of Emmanuel Iheme of Nigeria, who has been spiritually trained for years under the guidance of Dr. Samuel Isong. This young ISOM (International School of Ministry) graduate was miraculously released from a compulsory government training program to participate in this mission. The veterans (Michael, James, and Samuel) quickly saw that these young men were full of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. They, without hesitation, released them into the fullness of team ministry with great effectiveness.  

Strategic Prayer Convocations

            The team participated in four very timely gatherings that took place in mostly rural areas of Bungoma County close to Uganda. These convocations were unique as they assembled leaders from across the denominational divide. They provided an open door for them to come under the authority of God’s word and purpose. The Kenya team leaders for transformation initiatives created a large anointed banner that was displayed at each gathering. What was impressive about this banner (pictured left) was not its size, but the way it promoted what God was doing without featuring any attention to individual ministries or ministers. This helped to rally leaders to a place of unity in Christ and activate a movement of Holy Spirit power and revival for Kingdom Advancement in each region. The major theme of each convocation was “Capacity Building Christian Leaders and Unblocking Wells of Revival” with a special emphasis on a “Rapid Deployment Training Program and Equipping and Unleashing New Generation Kingdom Workers.” At least 500 leaders were impacted at these four prayer convocations.

 Sirisia Sub-County (June 9) – James Murunga introduced the foundational Scriptures about the unblocking of wells in Genesis 26:17-25. “A well represents life. There were wells the enemy blocked. This is the enemy’s plan. Where is the potential of these people? Tell the Philistines the wells will spring up again! God is not leaving you in frustration. There were contentions; pulling and pushing everywhere. There was strife. The church will not be in contention any more. There will be no more contention by the sword of the Spirit. We’ve come to silence every contention among brethren and strife in the Name of Jesus! The Holy Spirit is going to anoint your life!” Brother Michael followed with a session on “Doing the Will of God under His Authority.” He captured from Genesis 26:22 where “he (Isaac) moved from there.” This was the well where the springs of life flowed and an altar to God was built. He challenged leaders to shift from the religious place and way of doing things to the New Testament way. “We need to meet God’s authority before we do the work. What were the two last commands of Jesus before He ascended. The Great Commission begins with ‘All authority has been given to ME in heaven and on earth’ (Matthew 28:18). Jesus tells us to go, make disciples, baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to teach them all He’s commanded. This includes the second command just prior to His ascension regarding the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. If we are serious about doing things God’s way, then we must accept His will on these things. The church has an authority issue today. There are contentions between various church teachings and God’s word on what to believe and how to do things. Will you continue to make disciples your way or God’s way. How will you respond to God’s authority in Christ? It’s time to move from where you are to get on the same page with the Lord. He knows how to run His church.” James led an extensive prayer session with groups of three followed by prayers of repentance and prophetic declarations led by skilled intercessors.

Samuel (pictured left) brought the second session. We must be very sure we get the mind of God in this season. We must exploit this opportunity to the fullest maximum. I'm going to major on authority. How to bring the presence of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of angels. There are creatures in heaven to help us. We lack the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit power today. What is the problem? Why is it like the signs, wonders, and miracles are not like in the book of Acts. What is the secret with Peter not having any money in his pocket? Yet he shook the religious system of his community. (2Cor. 10:3-6) Even though we are in the flesh we should not operate in the flesh. We have weapons that are spiritual. You cannot see them. They are mighty! Our weapons go beyond the physical and can scatter and pull down even before they know it. Those high powers, we have a weapon that brings them down under our feet. We can bring thoughts into subjection to obey Christ. There is provision provided by which we cannot fail; The Holy Spirit! There are also some strategic victories by the ministry of angels. The Holy Spirit was there, and the angels were there. (Acts 8:26) When Phillip obeyed, the Spirit gave him instructions. (Acts 10:3ff) These benefits we have when we follow God’s will submissively. (Acts 12) Peter was released from prison by an Angel. Have the angels of God ceased to minister in our time? God is restoring back to the church everything to make success. (Mark 1 21-28) Jesus taught the word. Nothing can counter the culture of a nation, of a county like the word of God. Ezekiel and the dry bones. What was the medical way the bones came together? I spoke as the Lord commanded me. If we can get back to speaking the word of God. Jesus spoke as a man who has authority; a man who knows how to submit to authority. Whatever I say, I say what my Father told me to say. Because He was under the authority of His Father. Jesus was absolutely submissive to the authority of the Father. When you submit, yield to the authority, you manifest the same power of the One you submitted to. The people understood what happens to the man who is submitted to the one with authority. The demons were enjoying the message until Jesus spoke; the man who carried the power of the authority. The power is there where the man is submitted to the authority. Your baptism is in the liquid fire of the Holy Spirit. When you are speaking, demons should know it. When you are speaking with the liquid fire. Ministers are flames of fire. We should recover what the devil has taken away today. Demons should not be relaxing in your presence. There’s the example of Paul and Elymas, the sorcerer (Acts 13:6-12). Paul said by the fire I carry, be blind for a season. What made the governor give attention to Paul? it was the fire of the Holy Spirit. When you see Satan rising up, speak the word of God in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was under authority and that is why He commanded the devil. The finger of God and the kingdom is near. Why have we lost that level? Because we have shifted from the authority of God! Angels also respond to the authority of God. They are watching the authority. How are you obeying the authority of God? Areas we can submit to the authority of God:

1.     James 4:7 - Resist the devil – his four levels of authority (James 4:7)

2.     Respect the authority of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Recognize God is above me. John 17 - I sanctify myself… If I don't respect the authority, the people will be affected. How do you respond to God's authority? If you are teaching, the people should be doing. If not, you're resisting God's authority.

3.     The will of God - Everything you do in ministry is according to the word of God. If you allow the word of God to rule, you will see results. Obey your conscience; that Spirit of God planted inside you.

4.     Respect authorities delegated by God.

5.     Respect the authority of the 5-fold ministries of Eph. 4:11. Rebuke not an elder. What God is doing in this county is wonderful. Let’s take full advantage of it.

God is bringing the church together in Africa. Your prayers are not in vain. Call upon the authority of God. We are getting back to the original position of the church; Under the authority of Christ!”

            On this day there would be a third session delivered by Emmanuel Iheme of Nigeria, one of three young leaders on our team. His message was from Ezekiel 8. “There’s a word God has put in the heart of the youth. It’s the cry of the Lord. God pulled His servant (Exekiel) by the hair and showed him seven abominations. These things were not outside, but in here. The Lord is crying, ‘My own house I can’t enter!’ Ezekiel was looking on the inside. A place of hope is decaying (2Tim. 3:1-9). Fear God, fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Stand with God today and remove abominations in the house of God. When you raise the right hand of authority, the devil has nothing to do but leave. O Lord set my heart be on fire for You.”

Tongaren Sub-County (June 11) – James again provided a very important introduction from Genesis 26 followed by Michael’s teaching in the first session. “There are two critical things regarding spiritual authority in the church. First, Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and second, the members of His body have special functions under His authority. Every pastor says Jesus is the Head of the church, but in many cases He’s a symbolic head or figurehead rather than a functional head. Man is still making the decisions. How can we say Jesus is the Head of the church when the leadership structure, the discipleship training, the operation of spiritual gifts and many other things conflict with the direct authority of Christ? Michael compared ecclesiastical authority with spiritual authority and provided a clear biblical foundation for a fresh vision of Christ’s authority. He encouraged leaders to connect all functioning in the church to the Head and “let the life of the Head rule.” Leaders (pictured right) sat under the Word and diligently took notes. There was again a strong application of strategic prayer after every session that sealed God’s word into the hearts of those present.  

            The second session by Samuel Isong was one of overcoming challenges in Kingdom Advancement. “Every leader faces challenges. It can come in the way of culture, etc. (Acts 28:1-5). There are open doors to preach the gospel (1Cor. 16:9). To plant churches. To raise disciples. To get into government and preach the gospel. To get into the business to preach the gospel. But he said there are many enemies; many challenges. But I notice so many battles inside and outside. First Samuel 2:10 is a promise they shall be broken in pieces; defeat upon our adversaries.

  1. Wilderness - everyone finds himself in a place called wilderness. A place like nothing will work. A time when everything appears dry. You don’t take your position into the wilderness. There’s a set time for you in the wilderness. Once it’s over your owner, your director will come around. Wilderness is a classroom. It’s a bakery that bakes your character. You are shaped into the vessel God has destined you to be. If you don't want one, you will have one down the line.
  2. Temptation - Luke 4:1 The primary purpose was to be tempted by the devil. Ministry is not for babies. Those who go forth anointed to heal and move with God are tested. Character is not tested by the blowing of the wind. When there’s no food, you are a servant of God. When there is food, you are a servant of God. Three temptations: appetite; idolatry; shortcut. 1. food, sex, drink. There’s a way you can handle food, sex and drink and be spiritually weak. You can overcome these things. 2. idols. Don't bow down for the enemy for any purpose. You are above that level. 3. Jesus refused to follow a short way but was willing to follow a process. The challenge of image: A false balance is an abomination to God. I hate you appearing what you are not. Three kinds of image: projected; perceived; actual image. Projected image, the way you want people to think you are or talk about you, is very dangerous to revival. Perceived image is what people think you are. Actual image is the person you really are. Be real. Be yourself. It's the one that will appear before the judgment seat of God. For you to be a slave of the Spirit of Christ, you have to be you; the one the Holy Spirit will introduce. We can be honest. Take away the little foxes, the delayed dreams and disappointments, that attack the vine.

If you are going to make it in ministry, you will need to face these challenges and overcome them for kingdom advancement. The glory of the Lord will visit you at your place of disappointment. Don't give up!”

Kimilili Sub-County (June 14) – James again spoke a powerful word from Genesis 26 declaring, “If we are going to have breakthrough, we are going to have to create the environment. Wells of life. Wells of revival. You will spring up!” Michael followed with a message, “How do you respond to God’s authority in Christ.” He emphasized understanding God’s will and the obedience of faith. After another intense session of prayer, Samuel delivered a message entitled, “Occupy in Unity by Fire.” “Today is a prophetic day for Kimilili. Stand. Thank God we are walking together in the unity of the Spirit. The Spirit declares some declarations. There are seven areas of declarations:

1.     The Presence of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 3:11). Always.

2.     Don’t live in the past victories. In the mainstream of the Holy Spirit, there is no retirement.

3.     Keep your faith in Christ. John the Baptist (Matt. 11:2-3).

4.     Don’t forget your past; your testimony (John 1:33).

5.     Don’t forget He fought for you.

6.     Go forward even when you feel you are weak. When you feel weak, don’t be afraid. No life in the back, but in the front (2Kings 7).

7.     Shake the demons in this land in the fire. Paul shook off the viper and put it in the fire (Acts 28:5). We should have the fire. I prophesy the fire of the Holy Ghost!”

The fire of the Holy Spirit fell again upon all those gathered together.          

Webuye East Sub-County (June 16) – After reading Genesis 26 James (pictured left) declared from Isaiah 43:18 that God was doing a new thing. “The trend of churches seems to be succeeding outrunning principalities but at some place the enemy deploys and the church declines. There needs to be a Kingdom strategy deployed. Bungoma County must take its place as an apostolic leader to oversee and cast vision. Darkness prevails as long as light fails to shine. As long as you delay coming together and praying in unity of purpose, and prioritizing the Kingdom of God, the darkness will remain. Your coming together must be without delay. It’s about Jesus Christ manifesting Himself in this unity. God was the first farmer! Your unity should not be postponed. What are you going to present to Jesus? The anointing in you is very powerful as long as you value the way God works. We can become that powerful body! As you continue to operate individually, how many changed lives are there? When you operate in unity, you will begin to see transformation. Your unity must be perfected first. We must become a powerful triumphant church. We come together for Kingdom business. Jesus Christ is not coming for a weak church or coming for one with spots and wrinkles. Will He find a conquering church, a powerful church, a church filled with the Holy Spirit? Have no spirit of resignation but rise up in the Spirit of God.” This anointed introduction already began to elevate the spiritual environment to a high degree when Michael began the first session with a declaration from Hosea 6:1-3 that God was doing a fast work to revive Webuye. “The old way of doing things is not better. How can anyone say the old is better (Luke 5:36-39)? Let it go. The church must become a new wineskin. The new wine of the Spirit is for the new wineskin church.” He proceeded to encourage leaders to align with God’s Word and Will beginning with the two last commands of Jesus and the doctrine of Christ as revealed in Hebrews 5:12–6:3. There was a tidal wave of the Holy Spirit. The people could not stop crying out in repentance, engaging in warfare with loud tongues of fire, worshiping, and releasing prophetic declarations over the church and the land. (view video at: https://youtu.be/Ll_wJElbPfU.) This went on for over two hours and could not be restrained even if someone wanted to. God Himself was confirming His word. Finally, Samuel led us in declarations over the land. “The principle of taking over any land is always to repent for the kingdom is near. He said to a land of darkness that now the light has come. In the Kingdom there are no demons so cast out the demons. Cast out the sickness. The Kingdom is the glory and power of God. You are going to preach and proclaim the Kingdom of God over Webuye.”        

New Generation Conferences

            The 5-Fold Global Team conducted two conferences for new generation leaders and church workers. These three-day gatherings reached another hundred, mostly younger leaders. They were designed to equip them for rapid deployment in making disciples God’s way and to release them as a fresh mission force into their spheres of influence.

Bungoma New Generation Conference (June 12-15) - This was an important teaching environment for around 70 men and women, mostly young leaders and church workers (pictured right) Michael and Samuel presented two sessions each morning and our young leaders (Emmanuel, Sudarshan, and Vinay) would conduct daily afternoon sessions, group meetings, and minister in home fellowships each evening, as well as in area churches on Sundays. We believed God would use the 5-Fold Global Team to prepare them as a rapid deployment force. Michael and Samuel declared that the fire of the Holy Spirit would fall upon them to propel them forth in power and that they would know how to make disciples in every sphere by the end of the conference. Michael began with a message on “Jesus and His Disciples.”How old was Jesus when He began His ministry? The Bible says He was ‘about thirty years of age’ (Luke 3:23). That means He was 29 when He began His ministry. Jesus was a new generation leader. And most of His disciples were probably under 25 years of age. Just think of it! Jesus equipped and launched a new generation of leaders! It proves your training and release into ministry as a young person is authorized and supervised by the Lord Himself. And, no wonder Paul wrote two letters (1 & 2 Timothy) to equip young Timothies. First Timothy 4:12 says, ‘Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.’ God is serious about your training.  I see a strategic pattern in the way Jesus discipled the Twelve.

·         He chose them according to God’s purpose.

·         He taught them.

·         He had them observe His ministry.

·         He sent them forth in teams with mission instructions.

·         He gave (delegated to) them authority and power.

·         They reported to Him.

·         He supervised them.

·         He left them with a Helper, The Holy Spirit.

Jesus did the same thing later with the Seventy. He chose them. He sent them with mission instructions. He gave them authority and power to heal the sick and overcome the enemy. And, they reported back to Him. This pattern led to the rapid deployment of a new generation mission force that impacted the entire world. We want to duplicate this way of making disciples in your lives.” Although this message laid a solid foundation in Christ for the conference, its impact would have been weakened without the follow-up message by Dr. Samuel Isong from Deuteronomy 12:1-4 to destroy the altars and their names by calling upon the Lord with the fire of the Holy Spirit. “Don’t serve God on top of those things in that place. Every history that would affect your ministry is crushed under the blood of Jesus. Jesus’ purpose was to destroy the works of the devil (1John 3:8). Every work of the devil in my life will destroy me. There are things our ancestors have given us by covenant that the spirits will come some day to pay up. Our fathers sinned, and we bear their iniquities (Lam. 5:7). Jesus told them that by your fathers the blood of the slain prophets would come upon them (Matt. 23:31-36). Every historical bondage is leaving here and now! Something needs to be done according to the Word of God to break away. There should be no fear (Rev. 5:5-6).”  The combination of these messages deeply penetrated the hearts of those gathered and intense and strategic corporate prayer accompanied each session.

            Michael and Samuel built upon the Holy Spirit’s direction of the previous day. Michael began the first session describing the discipleship mandate and the order of march in God’s word for making disciples. He emphasized the importance of believers being baptized with the Holy Spirit aligned with Christ’s command as a first step in discipleship before introducing the six foundational principles the Bible calls ‘the doctrine of Christ.’ These six topics revealed in Hebrews 6:1-3 was the first time many had heard of them. In the subsequent days and sessions, Michael would model how to teach these sound doctrines in the context of making disciples. He had to correct some Bible translations when it came to the doctrine of baptisms. Some modern versions interpreted this doctrine as “instruction on cleansing rites” (Heb. 6:2 NIV). The question was posed, “Why would Jesus establish cleansing rites as one of His elementary principles of doctrine when He condemned them in Mark 7?” He also dealt with the plurality of the term “baptisms” while distinguishing from the Scriptures the four unique baptisms. There was compelling evidence that fresh revelation with spiritual understanding was being received through the Spirit with joy and gladness. Samuel also continued with messages encouraging young leaders to press forward in every area of their lives. “Jesus is the last altar. In Luke 4:5-8 Satan knew the kingdoms belonged to Jesus. Jesus told him you’re too small to stand with me. Stand behind me. What are the kingdoms? The world. Jesus has all authority (Matt. 28:18-19). He tells us to go and reach nations. The mistake in the body of Christ is everyone we’re raising up, we are doing so in one area – religion. Jesus is the author of a new covenant for every area of our lives. Preach to every creature. Will you drop the Holy Spirit when you enter the media? When a righteous man is in control, what happens? Every kingdom has a king. God has made us kings and priests to reign upon the earth (Rev. 5:9-10). A time has come when we rule to take the nations for Jesus. The government shall be upon My shoulders. The church is the body of Christ. How long is the church going to remain in defensive battle. In this generation, spiritual sons will be directors of government, media, education… This is the era of revival. Prepare for greatness, fearing God. No one will take you there but God. Mistakes are in the past. Your past cannot stop you from looking to your future.” What was happening in these sessions and the intense seeking of the things of God was the activation of spiritual movement in the body of Christ under His authority.

Nairobi New Generation Conference (June 19-21) – Around 30 regularly gathered for the equipping sessions. Some well-established leaders would also drop in, including the Head of Police Chaplains on the final day. This man trains and oversees 400 police chaplains dispersed throughout the nation including sending chaplains and planting churches in the most dangerous Muslim areas. Another brother directs Evangelism Explosion for the nation. In addition, we were blessed to have four representatives (pictured right) from the church in the remote Samburu tribal region. They travelled around 500 kilometers to attend the conference. In addition, an anointed worship leader, Sister Glory Mafor of Cameroon, also joined us and ministered with us. Although we did not fully know what to expect in the Donholm District of Nairobi, the Lord showed up from beginning to end. Michael daily taught the first session beginning with the discipleship mandate, the presentation of sound doctrine, and again modeling how to properly lay the foundation of the doctrine of Christ. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit and His operational power were prominently promoted throughout. This led to a great outcry for renewed connection with the Spirit on the second day as new tongues and gifts of healing manifested when the fire of the Spirit filled the place.

Samuel brought anointed messages on the challenges in the 21st century ministry, overcoming obstacles, and rising to your destiny. However, it was the final message entitled, “Hold Fast” from Philippians 1:27 that lifted us all to higher ground. “Live as citizens of heaven. We live if we stand fast in the Lord (1Thess. 3:8). Hold fast what is good (1Thess. 5:21). Hold fast the word (Titus 1:9). Stand in the word of God. Be different for Jesus. Let Jesus be represented in the spheres of life. You are carrying change. This is the time to return to the authority of God. This is time to return to the word of God. No weapon, if you are in the program of God, nothing can stop you. Just stand fast in the Word of God and no power can destroy you. You don’t know the means He will deliver with (Acts 28:1). Not only Ephesians 4:11 in the pulpit, but in real estate and government and education and media. Stand on the truth. Don’t be afraid. Stand for Christ! Rise up! Get Jesus in Bollywood! God is doing something! I prophesy a change in Africa; in government, in parliament. Start speaking! Start proclaiming! King Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin. The kingship was given to Judah; not Benjamin. The time is coming. There’s going to be a turning. The sons of the bondwoman shall be overturned. Any territory I step in I declare the Lordship of Jesus. The power of the Gospel, the fire of the Holy Spirit shall fall on you. The name above all shall reign. I decree the name of Jesus, the fire and the glory of God upon you! The power has changed hands! Jesus shall reign!” The place was again filled with the presence of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit.  

Lessons Learned

·         Alignment with God’s word is essential for the unity of the Church and Kingdom Advancement.

·         The adage used to promote unity in the past to “agree to disagree” is no longer relevant for the church that is renewed and revived by the fire and power of the Holy Spirit.

·         Strategic prayer births a spiritual unity that transcends the natural.

·         The church is typically operating on only a small fraction of its spiritual capacity.

·         Leaders can and must create the atmosphere where the breakthroughs will come.

·         Religious teachings and practices lead us into confusion and away from God’s will for His church.

·         Apostolic centers provide a fresh vision and environment for the operation of the New Testament Church in the 21st century.

·         The church must value the way God works more than human ideas and opinions of popular leaders and churches.

·         We train young leaders not to be our replacements but as our reinforcements.

·         The baptism with the Holy Spirit with tongues of fire is just as important today as it was for the Early Church.

Concluding Remarks

            The Kenya Mission achieved several milestones for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. It demonstrated the body of Christ has the God-given capacity to come together at a strategic prayer level that produces spiritual unity around the purposes of God. The recognition of God’s authority in Christ over all things set many leaders free from the burden of doing things in their own strength to embracing Christ as the Head of the Church. It was incredible to observe in this mission hundreds of leaders and workers in the Kingdom acknowledge the necessity of being baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire for Kingdom Advancement. There were tongues of fire at every gathering and conference. The spiritual revelation, understanding, and modeling on God’s way of making disciples had enormous impact. So much so, that we were able to sow an additional $600 USD into GCF Baraka Place, Nairobi, for the purchase of a large enough printer (pictured right) to make copies of the free 5-Fold Global discipleship materials. Most of the 500 leaders of Bungoma County and the 400 police chaplains serving throughout Kenya desire these materials. The 5-Fold Global Team also grew to five nations with the unexpected addition of Sister Glory, the worship leader at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry Cameroon. These new generation leaders (pictures together left) are the 5-Fold Global reinforcements for widespread revival to the nations. James Murunga reflected, “We are thankful for 5-Fold Global Partners who came and conducted an Intensive Kingdom Advance Operation in Kenya. We rejoice that many young ministers were activated for effective ministry as the veteran ministers were rejuvenated to increase momentum of Kingdom Advancement!” In addition, Samuel Isong recently commented on the operation. “Kenya Mission was a proof and confirmation that the transition by 5-Fold Global ministry to face the young generation is indeed a design from Heaven. The sudden integration, the fellowship, the flow, the mutual quick growth lessons were amazing. The transformational indicators were sudden in the young people and joyful confessions of the new was overwhelming. The Holy Ghost Baptism and tongues of fire brought untold joy to team leaders. Each day experienced a greater move and fire than the former. It was an operation like never. It was a Holy Ghost shaped team. All Glory unto our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” We all returned to our homes rejoicing that we were counted worthy to be used by God to benefit our brothers and sisters of Kenya.    


2 Thessalonians 3:1 Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you…