SEPTEMBER 9-29, 2017



        This trio of Ephesians 4:11 leaders (pictured left) experienced a level of unity and anointing of the Holy Spirit far beyond what is normally experienced on 5-Fold Global operations. It was indeed beyond measure as testimonies continue to roll in from every region. This was the second consecutive strategic mission for the team of Dr. Michael Gross (USA), Dr. Samuel Isong (Nigeria), and Dr. Joram Dol (NE India). As Brother Michael recently explained, "Our spiritual bond is from heaven and cannot be broken. It is covenant." The effectiveness of the operation is even increasing after the team has physically departed. This report documents this increase for the glory of God. For example, we just received news of one of the greatest testimonies. "At Ezambo in Ebonyi State, the first village of the operation, a man who was a chief persecutor of the Church, an idolater who once mobilized a great number of people who went to the Church with a cultural masquerade and beat up the pastor and always closed down the Church for years. This same evil man after the operation gave his life to Jesus and is now a member of the Church. Pastor Esther said by phone that the man is very committed." This is like Acts 9 with Saul. Only God knows how many conversions will come from this miracle alone. It was also reported from the AFAM Power Station area in Okaloma village of Rivers State that "a woman who attended the two days of the program though with a walking stick due to rheumatism and arthritis that had lasted for some years. She now walked two days later without her walking sticks. Another man who had a serious ankle twist that made him unable to raise his right hand without aide was healed after leaving the venue following the prayers for the sick." Church pastors continue to call these reports in. "A pastor's wife also got her instant healing from serious headaches after we prayed for her during the first night's meeting. Two other pastors have called to testify that they were highly blessed during the morning teachings." As Samuel Isong recently shared, "So wonderful. God manifested in a mighty way wherever we went. It was timely for Nigeria."

        The Holy Spirit had revealed and confirmed a cloud of darkness over Nigeria. The spirit of Babylon was running loose and holding the Church of Nigeria down. A new generation of leaders was in danger of being entangled in the old grave clothes of religious tradition and cultural syncretism. God heard the cry of His people. He sent a team from the "farthest border" to come against spiritual Babylon (Jer. 50:26). This required the Church of Nigeria to arise and engage in spiritual battle at the highest levels of intercession and warfare. Psalm 107, Jeremiah 50 and 51, Revelation 17,18 and 19 and Mark 9:1-13 were directly applied to the situation. A new training manual entitled Strategic Prayer (pictured right) was prepared to lay down the apostolic and prophetic foundation to encourage and direct the Church of Nigeria by the word of God in the battle against the demonic forces and structures threatening the church and nation. The training demand was very high in every place. Daily teaching sessions introduced leaders and church workers to the prominence of the Lord as "The LORD of Hosts" or "The LORD of Armies." The revelation of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, by the name of "The LORD of hosts" (Isaiah 44:6; 47:4) had not been fully understood by leaders before this time. God was restoring the warrior spirit to the Church of Nigeria. Each teaching session challenged and encouraged the church to seek God for the assistance of angelic troops in the battle. In this context, Michael provided sessions on God's Armory, Rules of Engagement, Charash Warriors, Battle Formation, and The Battle March. Samuel followed in each place with teachings on being a willing vessel, overcoming cultural influences to restore the fire that will bring down the darkness, building a character for national dominion, and upward attitudes toward these things with prayer and right attitude as the keys to revival fire. The Holy Spirit led Joram to bring forth a challenging session on fighting the good fight of faith and finishing the race in addition to preaching all the crusades. Every meeting was covered with strategic prayer with over 16,500 joining in prayer online for the mission in addition to the 5-Fold Global Prayer Network.


        The team arrived in Enugu Airport from Lagos and traveled two hours to Abakaliki in Ebonyi State where we began the first of three training conferences in the region. We first joined Pastors Esther and Gideon of His Glory Assembly for two days of meetings in the village of Ezambo. Around 70 gathered for each equipping session and over 100 in evening crusades. Michael and Samuel demonstrated from the Scriptures the shift in intercession and attitude using Jacob, Hannah, and Zacharias and Elizabeth, and Daniel as examples of strategic prayer and transformation. Interestingly, on day two after Michael presented teaching on The Mind of Christ, God's Armory, and Rules of Engagement in spiritual warfare, it was discovered that only seven present had experienced the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. This would soon change as 14 more received and flowed in heavenly language. Samuel followed with in-depth teaching on A Willing Vessel in the Hands of a Transforming God. Beginning with 2 Timothy 2:21 and continuing with the story of Daniel, he declared, "Daniel was put in a place where Satan lives. Daniel said I will not abide by this culture. In the morning the decree of the king changed. Today our back is to God and our face is to culture.  We have come to a very serious hour. God will descend upon a willing man. He will descend upon a man willing to go forth. The gates of hell shall not prevail. Are you telling me Nigeria is too fallen to change? God never changes! For us it’s a decision. Know the ways of God and follow His will. How would you stand the shaking of this place?” This message challenged the church so much that they began to fall on their faces before God. Samuel led the people with decrees over three lands. The evening crusades evidenced the Kingdom of God present with power. Brother Joram brought soul searching messages on The Divinity of God (John 1:1-5) and Jesus is Asking (Mark 10:51). “Come with an empty hand. Jesus is looking for people of Nigeria. Tonight, the miracle comes to your life.” Over 40 came forth for healing on the first night. Many indicated healing, but there was only time for about ten to testify. A woman was made whole; heart pain and fever left a child; a moving object in an older woman’s body left; sickness left the body of a woman and a young man; a baby with intestinal problem healed; severe headache disappeared from a young woman; a man with muscle problems in his legs was healed; a young man with headaches so severe he couldn’t stand was completely healed. On the second night demons screamed out and departed from at least ten people as they violently rolled about. Samuel reported, “At Ezamgbo testimonies of transformed lives, restoration and salvation were amazing. Physical outstanding miracles took place; growth on the spinal cord disappeared; deaf, dumb and long lasted sicknesses and diseases were crushed by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


        A 3-day equipping and spiritual warfare seminar with miracle fire crusades was held in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, with PFN under the direction of Bishop Paul, its President, and Pastor James representing our host church (pictured with the team on the right). The arrival of the team caused some concerns with local security officials. As Samuel reported, "At Ebonyi State, the Department of State Security Service (DSSS), who threatened to stop the program on noticing the flex banner, later became friends and instrument of ensuring our safe stay by notifying the police to keep alert for our security though we were not interested as we had consulted heaven for our divine protection. This happened because their delegate who came for hard copy of profile information got arrested by the word of God as she was waiting for Dr Michael to finish the first session." About 70 attended the daily sessions with increasing numbers at evening crusades. As training sessions intensified under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, it became evident that these were not ordinary sessions. God was shifting the Church of Nigeria to a higher place. He was using the team to restore the authority and power of Christ. Each day we could see the Church lifted by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was interesting to note that no one raised their hands indicating they had ever prayed for God to send heavenly troops to assist in the spiritual battle over Nigeria. This quickly changed as Michael led them through 20 biblical battles where angelic troops were involved. The messages from the team brought agreement that God can topple the enemy. He can change things if we surrender to Him. This became clear in Samuel’s report, “Ebonyi, a state of 13 local governments were represented. Key leaders of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria with their members and congregants received the Word with gladness and testified the mission was timely and mainly for them. They confessed they were taken to a high level of understanding of spiritual life and warfare. They vowed and made covenant with God to continue in that high level of spiritual life and intercession. They agreed to meet three times weekly to pray for the State, Nation, and the Body of Christ. What fruitful results! With great excitement they confessed, ‘It was because of them God sent 5-Fold Global Ministries. They expressed surprise on the state of calmness Ebonyi State enjoyed while the rest of the East and part of South were boiling with shootings and killings. They concluded this was because of the presence of the 5-Fold Global Ministries sent by God.”  One of the most moving segments was when Samuel exposed influences that attach and move the church away from the spiritual fire that will bring down the darkness. He explained, "These influences are powerful and authoritative and contaminate and reduce the fire in you." He used Daniel as an example of the determination needed in leaders today who will say, "I will not drink the cultural meat or drink. Determine to do business with God. Determine to do business with the Holy Spirit. Think about working things." Many challenges were given to those gathered. "Know who God is. Know the ways of God. What is God's will in this situation? What is God speaking? What is God's plan? What is His strategies? Know His promises that He will subdue your enemies before you. Engage in higher level of intercession. Confirm the direction of the message God has given you with signs, wonders, and miracles." The transformation challenges continued each evening as Joram declared, "What we must do now? Things are not good all over the world. All reminds us Jesus is coming soon. For all leaders who say I'm a big pastor, I never change, God is saying the old is rusting out. Today, the church needs to be changed; transformed. God wants to give leaders a new vision. Are we the right believers today? Are we the right leaders today? Today, the church is corrupted only because of unrepentance. God wants us to change and then transform the world. God's plan is not to sit, not to go back, but to go forward. If you are the light of the world, why are you hiding? The time has come for the church of the nation to open its eyes to see spiritually what's happening. When the power comes you can do. What must we do to bring transformation? We must surrender." With many other words, the team encouraged and challenged those present in every session.  Although 5-Fold Global teams never request offerings on any mission, Bishop Paul and Pastor James surprised us with a visit and financial seed of 90,000 Naira ($250) from PFN and another 40,000 Naira ($111) from the conference offerings. The team decided to plant their seed into the new generation at Apostolos Bible College in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, NE India.  


        This was the final day of meetings in Ebonyi State. Pristine Church is a new generation church led by Pastor Prince Abah, who with much sacrifice provided lodging and meals for the team. Michael shared in the Sunday morning service Mark 9:1, declaring God's plan for the new generation is to "see the kingdom of God present with power." This provided a framework for what God was about to do in the evening service. Samuel reported, "The impartation service on Sunday morning and evening experienced great outpourings of the Holy Spirit and release of divers gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was a Pentecost experience with young generations. Great testimonies of infilling with tears of fire and joy filled the house that morning and evening as the Team ministered." The Holy Spirit came suddenly upon the young people in the evening service as Joram preached on being filled with the Spirit from Ephesians 5:18. One by one they began to fall under the power as if knocked over by a strong wind. The expression on their faces was one of desperate hunger for God. We can confidently say that the power fell upon the new generation. Brother Prince encouraged them to "put the power of God in operation! Put the power of God in motion!" Several testified including one young man who had pain from his waist down in his legs. He declared that he received his healing. A young woman said something now was different in her. Another young man shared he could not stand where he worked but God put a new spirit within him. One young woman said she was feeling things she needed to do; an assignment from God. She shared she was scared of facing crowds, but that she now felt the Holy Spirit has brought her out. Pastor Prince indicated she was called to pastor. The photos below capture a scene that would be repeated with the new generations during the course of the operation. These young generation leaders also surprised the team with an offering of 10,000 Naira ($28) for personal expenses.


        The team moved to the far south in the Oyigbo region of Rivers State. Only two days earlier there were shootings and killings with all roads blocked, but the hand of the Lord caused this unrest to cease for the 5-Fold Global Team. We began the operation in this region in the large auditorium of the Assemblies of God on AFAM Road where we conducted morning and evening meetings for three days. Pastor Oti (pictured on left with team) was gracious to allow use of the facility free of charge, as was the case wherever we went. The team even occupied his office until each evening crusade. Church leaders were concerned about security and the police wanted to charge over $300 daily to provide it. As Samuel recalls, "We refused and called on heaven who sent us heavenly army for perfect protection throughout the 12 days of operation in the region. There was heavy presence of Federal security and curfew in the community intended against free movement for the program, but God turned it for the best for us." Although the team used wisdom in all our movements, security was assured by God despite numerous check points. There were 80-90 leaders and church workers who attended the first equipping sessions. This grew to 150 on day two. The team laid down a strong apostolic and prophetic foundation for strategic prayer and spiritual warfare. Samuel explained the purpose of the program. "This program will bring us back so we can take back our territory. God is going to surprise the world concerning this nation. Pride will never allow me to make a change. Where were we when God went to Canton, Ohio, to speak to a man about what's happening in our nation?" Samuel built upon Michael's teaching on spiritual unity and battle formation by leading the people of God in a series of declarations from Jeremiah 50:1-2; 51:1; and Isaiah 47:1. Joram preached powerful messages on rebuilding the fallen tent (Acts 15), the healing of the crippled church (2Sam. 9:1), and receiving the power of God (Acts 1:8). Crowds of hungry seekers of God grew from 150 to 350 to over 600 on the final night. The team ministered with a supernatural boldness that could only be described as from above. Joram pleaded with the people. "God is ready right now. God is ready to work in us tonight. Today, the church is crippled, paralyzed. God is looking. The King is looking. Where is that cripple? God wants to show His kindness even though we are crippled. Today, when the church backslides, something dropped you down. Christian wave is like the wave of the ocean. High and then suddenly dropped down. The Church of Nigeria is in the hiding place. We are hiding ourselves only because we're backslider. Right people never hide from anything. Do what is just. Church needs to rise up! Open its eyes and see the harvest is ripened. Church of Nigeria, come on! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"  God displayed His power with multiple miracles, transforming lives and restoring a spiritual mindset in many leaders. Like Joram declared, "When the power of God comes, I become like lion of the tribe of Judah. The secret behind the power is anointing. No anointing, no power. No Holy Spirit, no anointing. Today, everyone should experience the Day of Pentecost. Let the Pentecost come down to Nigeria." Pentecost did come down each day. And the Holy Spirit came down to do something. At least 21 were set free from demonic influences oppressing them. Another 29 testified of being delivered from various sicknesses and diseases. Fevers left, headaches disappeared, eyesight was restored, pain removed, rashes and boils immediately vanished, walking stick pitched aside, hearing restored, lungs healed, and blessings restored in the fresh outpouring of Pentecost. A young man named Daniel who suffered from mental imbalance and madness was completely set free. God was confirming His word as these great miracles followed the team. At the same time, God was calling leaders and the Church of Nigeria to a new place. This was highlighted when Samuel brought a teaching on Following the Master that heralded a new covenant calling. "We're going to follow the strategies of God by the word of God. The time has come for those who follow the Master to ask how does he rise to that level of victory and power and dominion. We command the victory, but do not intentionally follow the steps Jesus instructed us to do. We begin to give orders that do not come from the Master. My concern I have for the church is we have lost the power and the authority. If the young pastors of the new generation with the fire in them are encouraged by senior pastors, the Church of Nigeria would be different today. Don't allow your position to decline your following of the Master. Are you doing ministry according to His will? God has re-positioned us. The problem with the Church of Nigeria is we have problem with shifting; with accepting change. How can we go to the next level when we believe the way we are doing things is right? Return and look at the footprints of our Master, Jesus." One of the things that stood out to the Team was that the majority of miracles and spiritual fire was being experienced by the young generation. We concluded that God was seriously calling and empowering a new generation.


        The Team moved on to Bible Centered Life Church for what would be very important and interactive sessions for two days with new generation leaders followed by a graduation and ordination service on Sunday with students of the International School of Ministry (ISOM). We experienced a sudden shift in topics with these Bible students and leaders. The Holy Spirit led Michael to present accurate Biblical information on equipping and laying the foundation of Christ that is aligned with God's word. He exposed the hierarchical structure of leadership in the church and exhorted young leaders to break from it. The topic moved Joram to teach the next session. He began with Ephesians 2:20-22 and proceeded to Ephesians 4:11-12. "The church needs to lay a strong foundation in Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:20-22 talks of the unity of the church. To build wholeness of Jesus Christ we have to join together to build the house of God. The fivefold is foundational, for a strong church needs to be rooted in the word of God. Build up the foundations! God has sent fivefold ministry outlined in Ephesians from heaven to lay strong foundation in the church. Church, we have a problem today. We don't have the fivefold ministers in the church. To build the whole body of Christ, we must have the fivefold ministers. God wants us to change today!" We furthered the topic on the next day with much discussion with young leaders. There was a notable breakthrough in their understanding. Samuel proclaimed, "God is sending information for transformation."  He reported afterwards that "secrets of the Kingdom were released to young generations." He described it as "Jesus with the 12 on the mountain away from the crowd." On Sunday, ISOM students and ordination candidates were prayed over with anointing oil literally poured on their heads. There was much joy, dancing in celebration, and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Michael encouraged the young leaders with the words of Jesus, "Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." (Luke 5:4). One new and ordained graduate was ready to go forth to establish a house church network throughout the region. These young leaders were not only trained, but released into the ripened harvest fields. 5-Fold Global was able to add another two years of Spirit filled DVD curriculum to this School of Ministry through ISOM.     


        The team proceeded to the village of Okoloma for two days of equipping sessions and evening fire crusades. Again, the Holy Spirit restrained the team from teaching on strategic prayer and warfare. Instead, God wanted to deal with the Church and its leaders. What was Jesus, the Head of the Church saying? Why so much sickness and disease in the Church? Why so many believers oppressed by demonic influences in the Church? The leaders gathered at Okoloma were in an advantageous position coming at the end of the entire operation. We had a wealth of heavenly counsel to deliver and it began on the first day with the breaker anointing upon the team. Michael challenged every pastor in the house. "Jesus knows how to run His Church? Are you running the Church the way Jesus wants it run? The Church is the problem! Mismanagement of time and money, wrong leadership structures, very limited teamwork, wrong alignments. division and fragmentation, building a physical house for success, stuck at same level of intercession for prosperity and blessings, worldly entanglements, wrong attitudes, casual approach to God's Word, laziness, sleepy, not alert or watchful, misuse of God's power and fire, disobedience. The Church is rebelling against God! Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1Sam. 15:23). There's witchcraft in the Church! The time has come for judgement to begin in the house of God (1Pet. 4:17). God is raising up a new generation church! A victorious triumphant church has the aroma of life in Christ to all humanity (2Cor. 2:12-17)!" Although Michael announced that tomorrow's focus would be on repairing the breech, this teaching broke up the fallow ground. Samuel followed to declare, "Not until the program this morning did I know why the Church is the cause of the enemy advancing in this land. Something is wrong with us. Does it have anything to do with the anointing, the power, the authority coming back. There is a lot of love in this nation, but self is destroying things. Any reward you expect or receive has blocked the reward from heaven. Don't forget the place of your strength - Jesus." Hearts and minds were being changed among the fifty present at the morning sessions. Natural minds were being transformed into spiritual minds. As Joram approached to preach in the evening he reports, "I saw the new generation and my message changed."  His message now was The Willingness. Using the account of the borrowed axe that was lost (2Kings 6:1-7), he posed this question to the new generation: "Who is willing to dedicate for the sake of Jesus Christ? The moment you hear the word of God, He will touch you. What the believers must do; what the leader must do to expand the Kingdom of God. Everyone expects multiplication, but problem is only willingness to expand their building. We never ask for the will of God. When you step out of your room, miracles will come. The Church needs to go out. When God sent us, He sent us to do the miracle. Today, if you take the big challenge, God is there. The axe is nothing more than the spiritual weapon. The problem in the Church today is that God has given us a blessing, but its lost its axe. There's no spiritual work in the church because axe is lost. God has given us a purpose. Let's swim with the Spirit." Pentecost fell upon the people with at least 24 testimonies of miracles. Headaches, ulcers, severe coughs, arthritis, stomach sickness, colds, sore throats, body pain, and physical weakness of all kinds were all immediately gone in the name of Jesus. The final teaching session was built around what to do. A spiritual journey through the book of Acts provided a clear picture of what a Spirit-built church should be and do. A lengthy dialogue with leaders followed to answer questions and give practical counsel aligned with God's word. Joram delivered the final message proclaiming from Acts 2, "We are the Spirit built church! Pentecost is the power source of the church of God. Tonight you are going to experience Pentecost. The Church of Nigeria can only come up through Pentecost. Unless we receive the power source of Pentecost, no one will move out. There is a power in unity. God is looking for spiritual unity; not fleshly. Church of Nigeria needs unity today. The Holy Spirit needs to move in the church. He's behind you. He's here. He wants to touch you. This is the day of Pentecost!" As Samuel reported days after these meetings, "It was Pentecost in action. Testimonies reaching us after we have left. Many getting saved and joining the local churches. The whole community was blessed. New healing reports happening in all the Local Churches." We must also report that Bishop Tender Heart and his wife visited the team in the morning before our departure with an offering of 10,000 Naira ($28) from the minister's fellowship to assist with fuel costs. Leaders were also moved when they discovered the team stayed together in one room and slept in one bed to conserve resources.    


        The final assignment for the team was an evening meeting in Port Harcourt with Intercessors for Nigeria (IFN leaders pictured right). Their mission statement is "We exist to serve as intercessors and watchmen for the nation of Nigeria by mobilizing prayers and intercession for the Church, the nation, and its leaders; raising and training believers for effective intercession and manifestation of the kingdom of God in all spheres of human endeavor." This confirmed again just how greatly the mission had been directed by the word of God. Michael shared how God had sent the 5-Fold Global Team to Nigeria. He directly applied Jeremiah 50 and 51 to the situation in Nigeria and encouraged the intercessors to unleash all the spiritual weapons of warfare against the spirit of Babylon. As he shared briefly about four of the most powerful weapons in God's armory, the Spirit revealed that the use of the name of Jesus was not being fully deployed. As the group of about forty intercessors prayed and vocally spoke "in the name of Jesus" with increasing frequency, there was a dramatic shift in the level of unity, authority, and power in the intercession. This was a fitting conclusion to a mission that re-positioned the Church of Nigeria for victory in Christ. As Samuel concluded, "To God be the glory for His faithfulness and mercy upon us. The mission was a great success. We had satisfaction as we left each place that all that needed to be done was done. The mission ended with Intercessors for Nigeria at the Port Harcourt City." Although the mission ended for the 5-Fold Global Team, the God of transformation continues to move by His Spirit in the Church of Nigeria.