Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 

2 Corinthians 2:14 NKJ

Overview: Strategic Level Prayer

            The late Dr. C. Peter Wagner often said that history belongs to the intercessors. This was certainly the case in this strategic operation in the Oyigbo Region of Rivers State, Nigeria. Intercessors were engaged worldwide before, during, and after the mission at high levels of prayer and spiritual warfare. The Northeast Ohio Chapter of the End Time Handmaidens International moved strongly in prophetic intercession prior to the operation. The three areas spoken over Brother Michael on September 28 were all confirmed and accomplished during the mission. The flames of the Spirit went forth from the five-nation team to demolish traditional religious altars and to ignite the fire and passion in a new generation of leaders. Indeed, we were like the flame throwers they spoke of. Secondly, many testified of the anointing upon the team. It was an anointing that brought back the altar of God’s presence and glory “in every place.” Thirdly, Christ’s authority was released in prayer at such a high degree that a main road under construction being funded and dedicated daily to Islam with frequent incantations was taken back by the Church of Nigeria and renamed “The Jesus Road.” 

            The team alerted intercessors around the world to the spiritual battle taking place on site. One of the alerts sent forth described the intense battle scenario and the level of warfare. “Engagement and battle was at a high level of spiritual warfare tonight. James Murunga brought a powerful message that the spirit of divination was in the African church. The evil prince of the air didn't like it. A demonic animal-like guttural sound suddenly came through the sound system. Then a young woman walked in front and began to converse with another woman right during message. Bishop James had to tell her to sit down and listen to the Word of God. At the ministry time the team took authority, but she did not get free and a deaf and dumb spirit overtook her. We have two more evenings in that place. Also, Satan has planted his agents inside the church. They reported a past attempt to kidnap the apostolic leader of the church. It was also reported they sometimes find eggs and drops of blood applied strategically around the large church building and gate. We are engaged in high-level warfare over this place. We need all skilled intercessors to join us in this high-level encounter with the commanders of darkness. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance and triumph (2Cor 2:14). Heavenly forces are engaged against these dark commanders (Dan.10:12-14).” A leading intercessor in Kenya sent this message early the next morning confirming the intensity of the battle: “Brethren it's real war! Nigeria is the bedrock and well of witchcraft and divination in Africa. Our Bishop is right in the midst. We must war zealously as we pray for their unity, teamwork, protection, discernment, and accuracy. It’s good for those demons to come out like that when we deal with them. We pray also they don't tire or drain. Today I had team of intercessors at Lugulu up to 10:35am. Then I dashed to Lukusi for another service. As we prayed God spoke of the spirit of Jezebel that is on the Prime Minister in Lucifer's government that is releasing witchcraft, divination, and water spirits to resist missionaries. The church is full of the compromised agents and religious people. It’s been real war. No relenting, we push.”

We share this at the beginning of the report to demonstrate the level of engagement by these teams of skilled intercessors and the level of spiritual discernment entrusted to them by God. The mission required an army of unified and polished spiritual warriors pushing God’s plan forward in the heavenly realm against strong demonic opposition. For this reason, we sent out this message from the battlefield: “Dear skilled intercessors around the world. The 5-Fold Global Nigeria Team (Pictured left: Samuel Isong, Gerald Ole-Nguyaine, Glory Mafor, Michael Gross, James Murunga) feel the impact of your prayers. We thank God each day for your engagement in warfare at the most strategic levels. Continue to engage particularly against the religious altars in the churches of Oyigbo. We are laboring with you in the Spirit to download GOD’S PLAN into the hearts and minds of church leaders to bring back the Ark of His Presence to the Church of Nigeria in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is significant spiritual movement with a flow of profound repentance taking place among leaders. There’s a connection with heavenly counsel. The Lord reigns over the mission and the team. Glory to His name!” The focused engagement of the intercessors birthed one victory after another.



Victory at Living Grace International Mission

                        The intense spiritual warfare described earlier continued over this place. Although the team had prayed over the one young woman on the first evening, there were no signs of release. The demons just seemed to stare back at us (pictured left). God had used James Murunga to deliver a message that brought a stronger response from the demonic realm than those gathered in the church. What was it in this message that stirred up these principalities? First, the servant of God presented a global demand for Nigeria to begin providing leadership for end time mission work to fulfill the Great Commission. “Heaven is looking to Africa! There’s a demand for Africa to produce end time revivals, prophets, and apostles because the world is in confusion. The solution must come from the house of God and not the religious house. The leaders’ games; the divisions, the competitions, etc., must stop in the name of Jesus. What is blocking the revival? Look at Acts 16:16-34. Paul is dismayed because the source of her information was from hell. She was connected with high levels of government. The forces of darkness believe they have taken Africa. But heaven makes a difference! There’s a spirit that has taken the churches of Africa. Something is wrong when under the spirit of religiosity and divination the Holy Spirit is hindered. Paul and Silas are singing in prison (Acts 16:25). They forgot their human place and entered into a higher place. Rise up to your heavenly position now! We must unite in faith and forget about our denominations. It’s time to come into your heavenly position. (note: it was at this place where the demonic activity manifested). The power of God is lacking in pastors. We come to a new place of unity because there’s a battle we need to fight. Without that level of unity, the spirit of divination continues to hinder.”

            The team was scheduled to return to this church for three consecutive evenings, but God had a different plan. During the night, the Holy Spirit revealed to Michael that the church was about to be overrun by the enemy. He was directed by the Spirit to return. It was Sunday morning and James accompanied him. God had shown him that the church was like the church at Pergamos. Intercessors were alerted: “The Holy Spirit is sending James and me back to that church this morning as ambassadors with the Lord’s deliverance strategy. The place is like the church at Pergamos. Your intercession will enforce the victory for the glory of Christ.” Intercessors responded, “Father God, we thank you that you’re sending your mighty warriors on assignment. Empower them with your Holy Spirit. And just as Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple, we pray when Dr. Michael and James walk into that place that the Spirit of God will fill it and that your anointing will overpower every demonic force; and that the demons will shrink and run. We pray Your kingdom come, Your will be done, and claim that church for the sanctuary of Your Son, for there is no other God but You, made manifest in and through Your Son, Jesus.” Another intercessory prayer was sent forth: “Heavenly Father, we plead the wonder working power of the blood of the Lamb that was shed for our redemption. We say, ‘Jesus rebuke you Satan and bind the strong man’. Heavenly Father send your warring angels and cleanse the temple. May the worship of the redeemed bring Your presence with joy beyond measure and may revival break out big time. You, Jesus, will kick the devil out and cleanse the temple using our brothers. Amen.” The church was relatively full when Michael and James arrived. Michael delivered the message from Revelation 2:12-17 with teaching on the levels of spiritual warfare and how to kick the devil out of the church before it’s too late. However, the response from the leaders and the people was much the same as the previous evening. We discerned the wall was weakened but still there.

            Victory at this place seemed unlikely to us and besides that, the situation was consuming much time and energy. Therefore, the team did not see a need to return. However, the leader of the church had announced we would be ministering that evening. So, we agreed to fulfill this last commitment. James and Michael had been plowing the difficult and hard ground. Now it was time for Glory, Gerald, and Samuel to tear down the wall for the glory of Christ. This was teamwork at its best. Sister Glory released her gifting as a Davidic Psalmist and Worshiper to prepare the way for the Word of God. Immediately, Dr. Gerald began his message entitled, The Ark of His Presence from First Samuel 5. This powerful message was a call to the Church to bring back the ark. “If you want to have the benefits of God, you must have a connection with God. The Philistines took the Ark of the presence of God. How important was the presence of God? It was so important that Eli fell dead at the news. His two sons died. His son’s wife gave birth to a son, whom she named, Ichabod, meaning the glory has departed. Israel was hit with a stage of Ichabod. A church without the presence of God is a dead church. It’s a place where every spirit can come and feel comfortable because the presence of God has departed. Some churches are infested with demons. We need to bring back the presence of God. When a church is hit with Ichabod it’s no longer a church; it’s lost. What sets you apart is the presence of God. If we claim to be the church of God, we cannot afford to lose the presence of God. Only one thing matters; it’s the presence of God in your midst, in your life. Seek the presence of God. Israel lost the battle because they lost the presence of God. Today, we have pastors who only entertain the people. We need to bring back the Ark! Satan will have the upper hand when believers and leaders lose the presence of God. Demons love to operate in a lifeless church. It’s time to bring back the Ark of the presence of God in the churches. Dagon fell before the Ark of the presence of God. The holy and the unholy cannot be put together. It’s time for every demon to tremble and bow to the name of Jesus. The presence of God destroys yokes. Bring back the Ark! God has the power. You can speak to Nigeria. I declare tonight in the name of Jesus that every stronghold shall bow before the presence of God. The hand of the Lord was heavy upon the Philistines. It’s time for restoration. It’s time for the enemy to bring back what he’s stolen. All because of the anointing of the presence of God. I pray in the name of Jesus that the Lord’s hand will be heavy upon the spirit of divination. I pray the apostolic release of the Spirit of God upon this place.” Suddenly, there was a notable change in the environment with those gathered voluntarily coming forward (Pictured right). The wall came down. At least three people were set free from demons. One person began to writhe back and forth with bizarre facial expressions as the demons were commanded to go in the name of Jesus. The demons had left by the time she fell lifeless to the floor. She was completely set free for the glory of Christ. Samuel led the people in corporate repentance and warfare. Jesus restored His presence and the victor’s crown to the church. Now, it was the God-given responsibility of church leaders to build upon what the Lord had done through the team.

Prayer Convocation with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)

                        This was a one day gathering of over forty established PFN pastors. Sister Glory (Pictured left) again provided a Davidic worship experience that God used to create an environment for the Holy Spirit to move through the Word. Michael provided a brief welcoming message from Mark 1:21-28, 39 how Jesus immediately entered the synagogue and commanded the unclean spirit out of a man. “Jesus preached in the synagogues throughout Galilee. And what was He doing? The Bible says He was “casting out demons” (Mark 1:39). I have a simple message from heaven for the church of Nigeria. Kick the demons out of the church!” James followed with an appeal for strategic level engagement in binding up the strong man (Matthew 12:22-30). “You must identify him first. Define and discern at the high principality level what we are dealing with. I’ve come to call you to attention. There are principalities waiting to hear the voice of heaven declaring the authority and power of Jesus. It starts with unity. Unity positions us for strategic impact. Nigeria is supposed to be the lighthouse of Africa. But when we see what’s going on there’s something we need to know. We come for a council of war. I decree the heaven’s open to receive the heavenly strategy to deal with this. This is the time says the Lord.  The prophet Zechariah saw two branches (Zech. 4:12-14). ‘Do you not know what these are?’ They are the anointed ones. You’re supposed to know. We have little knowing of the strategic.  As long as you are in competition you will not know. You may be anointed with the largest church, but the corporate anointing is required. The golden oil is the presence of God (Zech. 4:12). Spirits of religion close our minds to understanding. In the name of Jesus, the hiding in pastoral grace is over. Come out from the chains that have yoked you. Apostles arise. We need your oil. We come to call prophets out of the lion’s den. You’ve been stuck in the church. We come with the keys of heaven to the prison that has locked you up; the religious prison; the poverty prisons. The day of the African men holding back the women of God is over. We command the chains of the African culture off of you!  The Master is in need of you; of generals of faith because the Spirit of God dwells in you.” After a time of Davidic worship and prayer, Gerald continued the call for unity in the church, the body of Christ. “One of the last things Jesus did on earth was to pray for His church to be in unity (John 17:20-26). Only then will the world know You have sent Me. The only reason the world will know My mission is when the church is in unity. We carry the testimony of Jesus. Only one cross. Only one tomb that is open. I will build My church. Only one church He is building. Only one. Who has bewitched us! Jesus prayed for us to be One. Paul identifies himself as a prisoner (Eph. 4:1-6). What were his qualities? He was humble. Forget about titles. You’re not more important than God! Be gentle and patient. Make every effort to keep unity. What effort are you making? Don’t wait! Go work it out! Cross over and embrace your brother. Everybody is building their own empire because they don’t have a kingdom mentality. They have a fortress mentality. Lord help us get a kingdom mentality. There is only one Spirit. There’s not one for the educated and one for the uneducated. There is one body. There is one hope.”

            These messages produced a strong outcry of repentance among the pastors. We had seen this before, but something was different this time. There was an earnest desire for genuine unity and transformation. Old religious patterns were weakened in the hearts and minds of many and the desire for the new wine and wineskin arose to the forefront. A higher level of spiritual unity was evident as key leaders embraced one another and when they in one accord reclaimed and dedicated the land to God (Pictured right). The spiritual unity rose to a very strategic and effective level. There was the sense that heaven had opened to them. 

The New Generation Conference at Bible Centered Life Ministries (BCLM)

            This was a gathering of young leaders for four days of high impact equipping in the ministry of the Jesus. Doing things God’s way aligned with His Word and in the power of the Holy Spirit was a major theme. Although most were from the Oyigbo region, a group of nine traveled a far distance from Abakaliki in Ebonyi State and at least one young leader from Port Harcourt. There were 113 registered on the first day and this grew to almost 200 young leaders by the second day. The team presented three equipping sessions daily with Sister Glory preparing hearts and minds for the Word of God through anointed worship in Spirit and in Truth. Those attending were amazed how the 5-Fold Global Team moved in such unity and how each session flowed with the previous one.

Day 1

·         Session 1: The House to House Ministry and Mission Instructions of Jesus (Dr. Michael)

·         Session 2: The Glorious Church (Bishop James)

·         Session 3: What Kind of Person will God Use to Bring Back the Holy Spirit and His Glory to the Church (Dr. Gerald)

Day 2

·         Session 1: The House to House Ministry of the Jerusalem Church (Dr. Michael)

·         Session 2: Strategic Level Prayer Activation (Bishop James)

·         Session 3: How to Keep the Fire Burning (Dr. Gerald)

Day 3

·         Session 1: The House Church Mission of the Antioch Church (Dr. Michael)

·         Session 2: Building the Glorious Church in God’s Wisdom (Bishop James)

·         Session 3: The Shekinah Glory (Dr. Gerald)

Day 4

·         Session 1: Leadership Structure and Activation of a House Church Network (Dr. Michael)

·         Session 2: How Can We Build Rightly? (Bishop James)

·         Session 3: What Happens When God Comes to Church (Dr. Gerald)

The above equipping sessions produced powerful moves of the Holy Spirit (Pictured left). One occurred after the first teaching session on day two. God had shown Michael that religious vultures were circling around the pure offering of the new generation leaders who were dedicating themselves to God (Gen. 15:1-21). A strong move of strategic prayer ensued. It was an unstoppable time of intercession and warfare destroying and rising above the religious altars. Women were also released into the fullness of ministry by the Holy Spirit. We were about to transition to the second teaching session when Pastor Favor Isong sang a special (The Potter Wants to Put You Back Together Again) that brought down a second wave of the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God came upon James with a word of knowledge that there were at least ten people who were to pray and mobilize an offering to provide a vehicle for our 5-Fold Global partner, Dr. Samuel Isong. James proclaimed, “God is transforming the economy of the church. There’s a spirit of witchcraft, a spirit of mammon that oppresses believers. God is transitioning the church economy to prophetic giving.” Although our beloved brother Samuel in the spirit of humility was uncomfortable with this at the beginning, we had to trust God and see what He was doing. Twelve leaders presented themselves before the Lord, some with offerings and pledges. Then the Spirit moved upon Dr. Gerald’s heart. He had been saving in Tanzania for a vehicle himself and had brought it with him in case of an emergency while in Nigeria. He willingly gave it all ($1,500) in obedience to the Lord. Michael wanted to give, but the Holy Spirit forbid him saying, “This is an Africa thing.” Immediately following this outpouring of prophetic giving, over twenty young leaders came forward seeking prayer to begin house churches in their communities. Another notable move of God came on day three at the close of the final teaching session on the shekinah glory of God. Over thirty new generation leaders came forward with some falling and crawling to the altar. There were many healings and deliverance from oppression at the altar of God’s presence.   

The teachings were deep and practical during the conference. Word quickly spread throughout the region that this was not just some ordinary conference. Here are a few excerpts that capture what God was doing through His Word.

·         “The original fire came from the Lord (Lev. 6:8-13; 9:1-4). It came directly from the altar of God. It’s not to be replaced by manmade fires. You can’t expect to see the anointing if the fire on the altar is not the fire of God. If the fire touches your life only once, it changes you.”

·         “Africa today needs a hand up not a hand out!  I have come to address the forces that are holding you captive (Col. 2). You are unique to bring reform to the church. You are a spiritual being. When a different system and values are in the church, signs and wonders will not take place. Miracles are going to be restored when the church returns to the original.”

·         “God says He found David (Acts 13:22). This means He was searching for him. David began as a small shepherd and became a king. When God wants to use you, it doesn’t matter what background you come from. The devil wants you to stay down so you don’t get up. Arise and come out of your pasture!”

·         “There are three apostolic revelations (1Cor. 3:9-15) in building the church in God’s wisdom. 1. Fellow workers in cooperation with God. The greatest partner to work with is God. 2. God’s field. 3. God’s building. Paul required an element of wisdom to lay down the foundation of this building called the church. We must build with the right materials (Eph. 2:20). We must build with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge (Prov. 24:3-7). Many churches are failing because they are not operating in the Spirit of Wisdom. We must all be filled with the Holy Spirit, but the Spirit of Wisdom is also needed.”

·         “The church needs to be filled with the shekinah glory (Exodus 40:34-35; 2Chr. 5:11-14; 7:1-3; Acts 2:1-4). It’s the physical manifestation of the glory and presence of God. I pray God will show up and show off today. When you carry the glory of God with you, you carry a difference wherever you go. When the owner of His own house comes, the ministry of the priests is redundant. God comes to minister to His own people.”

·         “We come to declare restoration to your position. The healing of Nigeria is now! We must go into our spheres of life where we live. Declare in Jesus’ name that you will operate in the realm of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. God follows His word. Present the Holy Spirit and also the revealed teaching of His word. God is looking for those who have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to build (Exodus 31:1-6; 2Chr. 1:10-12). The religious games our fathers played must stop now so Nigeria can be healed. This is our day! Spiritual engineering is required. The Holy Spirit gives us strategic insight to apply the Word of God so when people come to the altar, they see Christ and not religion. We want ideas and strategies from heaven, the altar of God.”

·         “Sometimes we meet in church and God is not there. One of the most remarkable prayers of intercession is that God would tear down the heavens to visit them (Isaiah 64:1-2). It’s a prayer that God would kick out every obstacle standing in the way. It’s to create the conditions, the deep longing, the environment that He will come down to you. Repentance remains a nonnegotiable thing if we long for a visitation from God. There is no other way to revival (Luke 24:46-49). There are answers to our problems in the presence of God. I’m tired of religious rituals and programs. I want God to show up! When God comes to church He doesn’t come to take sides. He comes to take over. Let Him take over! When He descends let Him do what He wants to do. When He is in church we must get rid of our human agenda. Our concern should not be how many people are in church, but how much is God in the church. The anointing will announce there’s a God here who heals. The people will come because they know the manifest presence of God is here. It’s not about us. It’s about the manifest presence of God. You must give them God. There’s only one agenda; the kingdom of God.”

The above teachings perfectly supplemented the opening sessions on house church development. Dr. Samuel Isong presented three practical questions to young leaders. These questions spurred these new generation leaders into action.

1.     What is God asking me to do?

2.     What am I going to do with what God is telling me?

3.     When am I going to begin to do what the Lord is telling me to do?

Four teams of young leaders began to approach the 5-Fold Global team during the conference indicating they were ready to immediately begin house churches. These teams totaling around 30 young leaders were each prayed over and activated by the Holy Spirit (Pictured right). In addition, an apostolic and prophetic center is being established with as many as 20 key leaders under the oversight of Dr. Samuel Isong. These church planting teams will have a mature apostolic and prophetic spiritual covering. In addition, a commercial printer is being purchased to provide copies of the training manual on House Churches to the members of each team. There was a quote from Wolfgang Simson, a leading authority on house church development, that made a profound impact upon new generation leaders: “Do you know what? If I were you, I would stop pastoring in the traditional sense. I would realize, in your case, that I have a more apostolic role, lay down my office, get my hands free, and start fathering and equipping a new generation of house-church planters.” This is exactly what God was doing. In fact, a few established pastors, like Pastor Leonard, who invited the team to his home for a wonderful chicken dinner, caught the vision and committed to action. Here are two testimonies that reflect how God was directing.

·         TESTIMONY FROM JOSEPH ECHETA, OYIGBO, NIGERIA: “The 1st day I couldn't attend the conference because I had issue with our rented church hall and because I was running around to settle it. I heard a voice within me saying, ‘It is time to do away with this traditional way of doing church and move into New testament way of house church’. I didn't understand anything about house church and how to go about it. The 2nd day, I was in the conference. Behold, Dr. Gross came up with the teaching on house church. To my surprise, I discovered for the first time that Jesus and the early Apostles took the entire city/nations through house church. Everything was clear. The voice I heard the previous day repeated, ‘This is why I brought you here.’ When the teaching on building a glorious church by Bishop James, serving in the fire of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Gerald came, I found myself armed and equipped for house church movement as a new generation. Then came the three questions by Dr. Samuel. Right and there, I decided to go into action after the conference. I couldn’t step out until the conference was over each day. May God bless 5-Fold Global Ministries and use you to do what you've done in my life and ministry worldwide.”

·         TESTIMONY BY CALEB AKWUBA, OYIGBO, NIGERIA: “All the sessions were miraculous to me. The humble life-styles of team members and interactions presented to me a practical Bible. I understood almost nothing about ministry. The 5-Fold Global Ministries 2018 operation has activated and unleashed me to do ministry the Jesus way. Is it House Church, is it building in wisdom, understanding and knowledge or operating in the fire of the Holy Spirit or bringing down His presence through simple worship? I am equipped. When the 3 questions came up, I couldn't wait a day. Right in the conference, I began to go forth. Without controversy, the conference was basically organized for my sake. I wish this can be done yearly. I have never witnessed such conference before.”

Equipping Students at The International School of Ministry (ISOM) of Oyigbo

            The 5-Fold Global Team spent two Saturdays with 27 students prior to their Sunday graduation ceremony. We affectionately refer to them as Isomites. The first Saturday meeting focused on having the mind of Christ in the ministry of the church. Michael presented the primary emphases of ministry in the Early Church. He reviewed with students the first twenty chapters of the book of Acts and identified the continual reoccurrence of seven items in the context of house church development: The Holy Spirit, The Word of God, The Name of Jesus, Unity/Togetherness, Prayer/Intercession, Evangelism, and The Authority of God. James followed with a presentation on defining the sphere of our calling. “House church is about activating the church. God used us in the days of ignorance in the traditional model. Your calling has been cut out by God before you were born (Jer. 1:4-5). Your mandate is already cut out for you. You can’t limit God by geography and politics. When you step back into the domain God pre-appointed for you, true worship happens. The church of Africa and America needs reprogramming. God is ready to interfere with every human philosophy. Man is preoccupied with a religious mind until he meets the owner of the church. We need an encounter with God. An encounter with Jesus is purpose driven. There is a generation God is raising up to move the church forward. There are principalities in every sphere. Believers have not been discipled to remove the religious principalities. If you are offering driven, you will fail. You must be driven by kingdom principles. There’s a purpose to your calling. God will be with you.”  The final session of the day was presented by Dr. Gerald entitled, Jesus, the Pentecostal. “Jesus was Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, and Spirit-empowered. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit (Matt. 1:20; Luke 1:35). He was baptized by the Holy Spirit (Matt. 3:13-17). How does Jesus qualify us? By the Holy Spirit. Jesus was Spirit-led (Matt. 4:1). He was led out by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil. The Spirit is the active agent. He executes the will of God. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38). It was a yoke-breaking power that pulls down strongholds and makes a way where there’s no way. Don’t leave home without the Holy Spirit. If Jesus, being God, needed the Holy Spirit how much do we need the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministries. The author of this book is the Holy Spirit. God blesses obedience. You cannot transform society without the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of power. What is your position with the Holy Spirit.” The intensity (Pictured left) for ministry activation among the students was at a very high level.

            The second Saturday gathering with the Isomites began with a teaching session on The Spirit and The Word by Sister Glory. This message was used by God to reverse the trend among young leaders toward a casual approach to Scripture. “All depends on how seriously you take the Word of God. We live by the Word (Matt. 4:4). The Spirit and the Word must be together. For anything to give you life it must have life itself. The Word gives us life. The Word is alive. The Word is flowing. The Spirit brings life to the Word into your life. The Word is Jesus (John 1). We live by experiencing Jesus every day through the Scriptures as the Spirit reveals it to us. It’s something we do by the Spirit. I’m not reading words. The Holy Spirit takes the Word and reveals Jesus to us. The marriage of the Spirit and the Word is essential. The goal is to know Jesus more every day. You live by the Word. The Word is Jesus. The Word is revealed by the Holy Spirit. I pray God is changing the way you are reading your Bible today.” James followed with a message on The Power of Influence (Zech. 1:18-21). “There’s power in vision. There’s greater passion when you have a vision of the issues of a community. Believers are salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16). We influence the target areas where God has called us. The capacity to have an effect on the character of communities and nations is critically lacking. We are in desperate need of spiritual solutions. How to build your capacity? You build it through character, vision, courage, and leadership.” Gerald continued the same theme in the final session of the day on The Power of Vision (Gen. 13:14-17). “God told Abram I’ll give you as much land as you can see. What you see is what you get. Go for something big. What determines it is your vision. You can only grow in your ministry as far as you see with your understanding (Eph. 1:18). Dream big for God! It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit. Abram, lift up your eyes (Gen. 13:14). Now walk through the land (Gen. 13:17). Take a step of faith. Go for it! Have big plans right now. Work toward that vision. God will miraculously intervene. His vision determined his possession. What do you see (Jer. 1:11-12; Zech. 4:2)? They were brought into the prophetic revelation God had given. God was calling them to attention. You must look up with your eyes and see what God has given to you and then work it out.”

            The final Sunday of the mission involved the graduation of ISOM students at Bible Centered Life Ministries (BCLM). The team visited two churches prior to arriving at BCLM. The church was filled to capacity and beyond. Michael presented the key message on the Wall of Fire and the Fire Anointing. He related how he had heard the voice of the Spirit say on Tuesday morning, November 18, 2003, “I am building a wall of fire across Africa.” He explained how he had discovered a map depicting the status of African Muslims and Christians (pictured right). This was a visual of the wall of fire that the Lord had revealed. He also expounded in detail the Scriptures surrounding what the Spirit had revealed (Zech. 2:5; Psalms 104:4; 2Tim. 1:6) and the blessings associated with the fire anointing.

·         Illumination and Protection (Exodus 13:21; 14:19-20; Psalm 78:14)

·         Purification/Refining Fire (Isaiah 4:4; 6:6-7; Zeph.1:12; Malachi 3:2-3; 1 Cor. 2:10; 3:13)

·         Spiritual Power in releasing gifts and tongues of fire (Acts 2::3; Psalm 29:7)

·         Annihilation of Satan’s schemes (2 Kings 6:17; Rev. 20:9)

·         Personal and Corporate Revival (Rev. 3:18)

Following the keynote address, the Lord used James to bring the importance of the message home to those in attendance. As we proceeded through the graduation ceremony, the fire of the Holy Spirit began to fall upon the students and those being ordained. The team prayed and laid hands upon each one and the oil flowed unsparingly upon them. This was much more than a ceremony. It was a spiritual activation into the wall of fire.

Lessons Learned

·         Teamwork in the ministry of Jesus is indispensable and essential for mission accomplishment and Kingdom Advancement. The church will not move forward without it.

·         Religious altars and practices are prisons that weaken the church’s capacity to align with God’s plan.

·         Traditional religious models of doing church need to be abandoned to establish and restore the true altar of God in the church.  

·         Apostolic and prophetic involvement, partnership, foundations, and leadership move the church into higher and more strategic levels of unity, prayer, and effectiveness.

·         Davidic psalmists and worshipers have a critical role in creating the right environment for rising above traditional religious patterns of praise and worship and downloading God’s Word and plan into the hearts and minds of young leaders.

·         Principalities are in every sphere, but they are falling when the church comes into apostolic and prophetic alignment with heavenly counsel. Demons need to be kicked out of the church in the Name of Jesus!

·         The economy of the church needs to fully align itself with God’s principles and plan for giving and receiving.

·         God gives intercessors strategically targeted assignments rather than an entire list of prayer initiatives.

Concluding Remarks

            The 5-Fold Global Team praises God for those who cared for our needs during this strategic operation. The household of Christian Mbata served as our house of provision in accordance with the mission instructions of Jesus (Luke 10:5-7). This was our ministry headquarters. We thank God for this family and their obedience of faith to accommodate the entire team. It was one of the reasons this mission was extremely successful. Although 5-Fold Global makes no requests for offerings, there were some financial contributions from unexpected sources. One church, Living Grace Int’l Mission, presented the team with an offering of 24,000 Nigerian Naira ($66.12 USD). In addition, two individual leaders gave personal offerings of 5,000 ($13.77 USD) and 200 ($.55 USD) Naira. And, a nine-member team of young leaders from Abakaliki planted a financial seed of 500 Naira ($1.38 USD). The team agreed beforehand that any offerings received were to be placed into the hands of Dr. Samuel Isong to assist in team transport and provision. The amount of these offerings was unimportant. What was significant is they were early signs that the economy of the Nigerian Church of Oyigbo was conforming to the words of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35).  This was also confirmed by the commitment of church leaders to immediately purchase a commercial printer to produce 5-Fold Global training manuals to equip the young leaders who were being sent forth by the Holy Spirit to develop house churches in their respective communities. We view these practical things as miraculous developments for the glory of Christ.

            Testimonies continue to come in regarding this strategic mission. The regional impact has been fully documented. However, a broader plan was soon revealed to the team by the Spirit. It dealt with the nations along the wall of fire and specifically the mobilization and activation of the new generation mission force. There was spiritual agreement that Ignite the Fire (depicted on the left) gatherings of new generation representatives from these nations (Pictured on right) was to begin in 2020. Therefore, Ignite the Fire 2020, will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Dodoma, Tanzania. These 3-Day gatherings in each place will fulfill what God declared during the mission as expressed by Bishop James, “Thanks for your prayers for Nigeria Kingdom Advancement Operation! About 200 new generation leaders plus about 40 pastoral leaders have been equipped with powerful truths from God’s Word to help position them for effective ministry. We proclaimed a deeper activation of the Wall of Fire right from East Coast of Africa to West Coast of Africa that will frustrate and destroy every wicked religious plan to infiltrate and take possession of Africa!” Dr. Gerald added, “We must ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit from the east coast to the west coast of Africa!” In fact, James reports young leaders in Uganda immediately captured the vision. “A powerful team of new generation leaders in Kampala are already catching the vision.” Gerald also shared that many will come from the nations of Burundi and the Congo. This is a fascinating development and heavenly plan.

            Finally, we give all the glory, honor, and power to the Lord for the impact of this mission. We pray this detailed report captures the greatness of what God accomplished in and through the 5-Fold Global Team and the skilled prayer warriors surrounding them. Every team member and intercessor was needed to fulfill God’s will. Here is what our young sister, Glory Mafor of Cameroon, concluded about her experience:

“My experience on this mission in Nigeria has been so enriching. Most importantly, I learned from being with the mission team, about the numerous benefits of teamwork and complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, in everything. I witnessed the Holy Spirit plant a fire in the hearts of several young leaders, to go out and plant house churches, change their communities, launch out into the ministry where God has called them, and I could see a renewed purpose and clarity in some of their faces as they left. Glory to God!! I believe my eyes were also opened to see the great need for mentorship and training for the new generation for them to be able to fully express the ministry God is preparing them for. Personally, I received a charge from the Lord to seek more training and avenues to equally train and mentor young leaders. Nigeria is a very beautiful country with very lovely, warm hearted people. It was a pleasure to share the wonderful moments I did with everyone I was privileged to meet and minister to. Praise the Lord!”   

We end this report with a statement by Dr. Samuel Isong who has served on many 5-Fold Global Teams throughout Africa:

All glory unto the King of kings who does awesome things awesomely. He went beyond our expectations, from impartation to activation. Both young and old were activated. Indeed, God's word came alive as never before, His presence was visible for all. The Glory was live to all. Men confessed we've never witnessed such conference before. The greatest joy is activation and deployment was instant. From this day forward my burden is to see the springing up of ministries. Nigeria Mission 2018 perfectly and gloriously accomplished. Nigeria is taken back for Jesus. Jesus Road is heavily under progress in construction. GLORY!!!”