Global Prayer Network

The 5-Fold Global Prayer Network is a growing army of intercessors prepared for strategic assignments to advance the kingdom of God and help fulfill the Great Commission. These prayer warriors are mobilized to provide a united and strong wall of intercession for strategic mission operations around the world. They provide a prayer shield that guards the integrity of each mission objective and ensures the success of every operation for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Calling Intercessors to Ignite the Fire in  a New Generation Mission Force

Ignite the Fire 2020 Missions

Kiyindi, Uganda & Bungoma, Kenya

August 12-14 & 17-23


          “O Generation, See the Word of the LORD!             

Jeremiah 2:31


We are activating the 5-Fold Global Prayer Network for united, intense, and targeted intercession for a strategic mission involving spiritual fathers and young leaders from several nations in Africa and Asia. This operation will not only equip and rapidly deploy the new generation mission force in the power of the Holy Spirit, but also connect them by the Spirit in networking partnerships to bring in the end time harvest.  We believe the Lord is mobilizing and ready to anoint them with the fire of the Holy Spirit. God directed a 5-Fold Global Team in Nigeria in 2018 to conduct an Ignite the Fire 2020 Gathering in Kenya followed by one in West Africa in 2021 to connect the young generation across the “wall of fire” in Africa from west to east and east to west. This is happening by the Holy Spirit as we continue to pray over this divine initiative. Dr. Michael Gross shared: “I received direction while praying on March 3, 2019. I heard the Spirit say, ‘Ignite the Fire! Without delay Ignite the Fire in this generation and generations to come. Ignite the Fire!’" The message was confirmed by the apostolic/prophetic team in Africa. It’s like what Dr. Gerald Ole-Nguyaine of Tanzania wrote on April 14, 2019: “Forward goes 5-Fold Global partnership for Kingdom impact.” God is actively fulfilling a long-term 5-Fold Global vision of Kingdom-networking. We also believe what the Spirit shared about Ignite the Fire in Africa has global application. For this reason, the Spirit led us to India and now is leading us to Uganda and Kenya and beyond to Ignite the Fire in the new generation.  

The spiritual battle has intensified along what we call the wall of fire in Africa. This is why we
 believe God has raised up a new generation mission force. This force now needs to be mobilized and set on fire by the Holy Spirit. For this reason, we are bringing together  a team of anointed veteran Ephesians 4:11 leaders and many young leaders to East Africa. In addition, a handful will be coming from India and Myanmar (Burma) to further networking partnerships established by the Holy

Strategic Mission Objectives

  • Renew and activate the generational covenant of the Word and the Spirit in this generation.
  • Kindle a fire in the hearts of this generation that will become a blazing flame for His glory.
  • Establish by the Spirit networking partnerships among young leaders accross the wall of fire in Africa and also in Asia.
  • Connect by the Spirit young leaders with anointed 5-Fold Global spiritual fathers for future joint operations.
  • Launch a new 5-Fold Global website and Mobile App with free and readily accessible resources to help this generation make disciples of the nations. 
For I,’ says the LORD, “will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’ ” (Zechariah 2:5)

Strategic Prayer Areas

5-fold Global Team invited from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, India, Honduras, and USA


  • Bishop James Murunga, Grace Christian Fellowship Church Network (Bungoma/Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Dr. Gerald Ole-Nguyaine, International Christian Center (Dodoma, Tanzania)
  • Dr. Samuel Isong, Bible Centered Life Ministries & 5-Fold Global BCLM School of Ministry (Port Harcourt/Oyigbo, Nigeria)
  • Dr. George Ogele, Divine Touch Ministries Int'l, (Cotonou, Republic of Benin)
  • Bishop Sampson Dorkunor, Living Bread Mission (Tema, Ghana)
  • Dr. Joram Dol, 5-Fold Global Evangelist at Large, Christian Revival Churches and Apostolos Bible College, (Itanagar, India)
  • Rev. Chungthang Thiek, 5-Fold Global Evangelist at Large, (Imphal, India)
  • Dr. Bishop Santhosh Desabattula, Gospel to the Ends of the Earth, (Vishakhapatum, India)
  • Rev. Luis Sorto, Love Without Boundaries, (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
  • Rev. Peter Chetri, Apostolos Bible College and New Generation English Church, (Itanagar, India) 
  • Rev. John Murunga, Kenya Ministry Training Institute  (Bungoma, Kenya) 
  • Bishop Peter Murunga , 5-Fold Global Apostolic/Prophetic Leader, (Bungoma, Kenya)
  • Dr. Michael Gross, 5-Fold Global Ministries & 5-Fold Global Rapid Deployment Training Center (North Canton, Ohio, USA).


  • Intercede for strength, angelic assistance, and provision for those traveling afar including those from West Africa, India, Myanmar (Burma), and USA.
  • Pray for God to kindle a burning in the hearts of this generation that will ignite into a blazing flame for His glory.
  • Intercede, asking God to renew and activate the generational covenant of the Word and the Spirit in young hearts at the Revival Fire Conference in Kiyindi, Uganda, and Ignite the Fire Gathering in Bungoma, Kenya. 
  • Pray for the fire to fall from above in every place and for strong spiritual imparting to the new generation.
  • Lift up before the Lord the 5-Fold Global key partners Apostolic/Prophetic Summit as they seek God's face in one accord for three days.

“As for Me,” says the LORD, “this is My covenant with them: My Spirit who is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants,” says the LORD, “from this time and forevermore.”
Isaiah 59:21

 Mission Itinerary


AUG 9-11: Designated 5-Fold Global Uganda Team travels to Kisumu, Kenya and onto Kiyindi, Uganda 

AUG 12-14: Kiyindi, Uganda Revival Fire Conference with Bishop Owino Charles followed by travel overland to Bungoma, Kenya

AUG 15: 5-Fold Global leaders and new generation participants arrive in Bungoma for Ignite the Fire 2020.

AUG 16: Ministry in local churches/GCF evening revival service

AUG 17-23: New Generation Ignite the Fire Gathering in Bungoma with morning equipping sessions and afternoon group sessions.

AUG 24-26: 5-Fold Global Apostolic/Prophetic Summit for prayer initiative and strategic counsel with key partners

AUG 27: 5-Fold Global Leaders returns to respective nations



Your prayers of intercession and warfare will gain heaven’s attention. This strategic operation is fully dependent upon God. Allow these words to sink in as you faithfully intercede for Ignite the Fire across Africa and beyond.


God is the one and only one who can kindle unquenchable fire. An everlasting blazing can only be the work of His hands. He can kindle a fire to serve a particular purpose of His will at any given time and place even in a generation. So, when He kindles this fire in this conference upon the new generation, it shall blaze forever. He is the kindler of the unquenchable flame and the raiser of blazing vessels.”     

(Dr. Samuel Isong, 5-Fold Global, Nigeria)


“The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame.”           
Obadiah 1:18

“All flesh shall see that I, the LORD, have kindled it; it shall not be quenched.”       Ezekiel 20:48

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