Equipping Leaders

Jesus was very intentional in training up leaders. He chose twelve from all the disciples to train and release for the continuation of His ministry. Later, he sent forth seventy others who also returned to report on all that had taken place. The recruiting, equipping, empowering, and releasing of leaders for rapid deployment is a top priority of 5-Fold Global Ministries. The resources on this page contain practical biblical strategies that have been proven in the field. 


A training manual on spiritual warfare that presents a biblical strategy for leaders to take villages, cities, and nations for God.

The Operation of the Fivefold Ministry

Defines how the fivefold ministry operates in the 21st century.

Leadership Empowerment for World Harvest

Details how God empowers leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.

The New Testament Church Planting Manual

God is raising up a new generation of leaders to fulfill the book of Acts in the power of the Holy Spirit for the expressed purpose of multiplying the end time harvest through prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting in alignment with His word. This manual is designed to equip young leaders to use God’s timeless principles to fulfill the Great Commission.

Strategic Prayer

This manual is designed to equip a new generation of Spirit Filled intercessors and spiritual warriors to engage and overcome demonic forces and structures over cities, regions, and nations at the highest levels of intercession. Although not fully completed, the demand by the Church of Nigeria was so great that it had to be made available now. The completed work will be posted at a later date. 

Spiritual Authority

A new generation of leaders is emerging under the command of Jesus. This study presents young leaders with a fresh vision and understanding of God's authority in Christ. New generation leaders must meet God's authority before they do His work. This equipping manual positions young leaders as a strategic mission force for Kingdom Advancement under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 4:11 Ministry Teams and the Apostolic Movement

A 12 week course for leaders that identifies the respective function of the Eph. 4:11 team in relation to the apostolic movement.

House Churches

Examines the house church strategy in God's word with a detailed analysis of the mission instructions of Jesus.

Leadership Training Orientation Course

A 4-6 session course for young Timothy's to help them clarify their calling and appreciate the cost of obedience.

Revival Fire

God is ready to ignite revival fires around the world. He's beginning by awakening His church to her need for a fresh and powerful move of His Spirit. This manual examines the biblical and historical revivals to promote revival in the modern church.

Pneumatology 101

The work and power of the Holy Spirit has been neglected for too long by the Church. This teaching series is designed to provide a 10-day intensive course on the Holy Spirit in Bible Colleges and Schools of Ministry to help leaders rediscover the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century. 

Featured Resources

Discipleship Series

Training Manual for Spiritual Warfare

Operation of the 5-Fold Ministry in the 21st Century

Eph. 4:11 Ministry Teams

House Churches

Leadership Empowerment

Leader Orientation Course